ELF music Tokyo

Please let me introduce myself.
We are trance label of Tokyo called "ELF music".
ELF music is new label which just started in the spring of this year.

Japan is famous for it's parties but in term of music production there was some sort of a hole, so this label is here to stop that. ELF music stands for inovation.

A label concept is sends music to the world from Tokyo, and builds party in Tokyo. And it is the aim of ELF music to build the situation of being easy to introduce overseas artist to here Japan.

And our label is going to start for work of new compilation lately.
Then, by our label, artist which expects record for this compilation is inviting widely.
Famous or obscurity doesn't matter. We are looking for the new talent and ability.
Interested artist please send your music and profile to the following address.
We are waiting for the surprise!!

ELF music

submitted by ELF music - 2002-10-17 16:57:41