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Finds events matching certain criteria


area (Integer or Keyword, Optional)
The area id of area/city/state/country of the event
To get a list of area ids you can use the area.getlist method. You can also pass it the The SPRACI keyword for the area/city/state/country of the event

min_date (YYYY-MM-DD, Optional)
Find events after this date.

max_date (YYYY-MM-DD, Optional)
Find Events before this date.

tag (Keyword, Optional)
A tag or keyword. This will find events that have been tagged with this keyword.

search_text (Optional)
A search term used to find events.

user_name (Name, Optional)
A SPRACI username - to show events added by that user.

user_id (Integer, Optional)
A SPRACI numeric user ID - to show events added by that user.

per_page (Numeric, Optional, Default = 50)
Number of results to return per page.

page (Numeric, Optional, Default = 1)
The page number in the results.

Listings will only be returned if you supply an area, area_id or other search criteria. (maximum number of events returned is 500) Example Queries:

Example Response:
<rsp stat="ok" version="1.0">
<event id="53022" name="KinetiK Vs Sucker Punch" description="Two of Deep 11?s most formidable exponents of underground beats come out of semi-retirement for a one-off special joint event. DJs: Dee Dee, Mike Callander, Shane Ford, Aaron Smiles, + Krazy visuals and xtra sound tweakage by Evil Dr Ishtah
@ 456 Queen St $15/$10 " start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="" end_time="" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/53022/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="29542" categories="melbourne vic australia techno house psytrance acid breaks breakhouse electro " date_posted="2005-10-11"/>

<event id="7229" name="Reverence" description="A journey through the deeper shades of House. DJs: Lim Jeka, Adrian Van Raay, Nato, Chinlee, Jase Knipe + special rotational guests. @ 386 Chapel St South Yarra $15+ Info:98277379 " start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="22:00" end_time="07:00" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/7229/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="" categories="melbourne vic australia rave o18 singles techno house breakhouse drumming other " date_posted="2001-10-15"/>

<event id="53092" name="Pegz 'Axis' Album Launch" description=" @ Revolver Upstairs, 229 Chapel St, Prahran To coincide with the launch of "Axis," the dynamic new release from Melbourne artist and Obese Records' CEO Pegz, Melbourne fans" start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="21:00" end_time="" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/53092/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="1" categories="melbourne vic australia hiphop live " date_posted="2005-10-12"/>

<event id="53349" name="Bass Station" description="OLD SKOOL IN THE SIDE ROOM!
@ The Palace (rear entrance), Lower Esplanade St Kilda " start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="23:00" end_time="" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/53349/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="" categories="melbourne vic australia hardhouse nrgtrance techno trance " date_posted="2005-10-18"/>

<event id="51062" name="ELECTRIC SIX (USA)" description=" @ Corner Hotel, 57 Swan St., Richmond
Eccentric rock/pop stars Electric Six return to Australia armed with a new album ?Senor Smoke?, the triumphant follo" start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="" end_time="" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/51062/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="2" categories="melbourne vic australia live rock pop " date_posted="2005-08-24"/>

<event id="12932" name="Night Shift" description=" @ Sugar Suite, 189 Lonsdale St Melbourne " start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="22:00" end_time="" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/12932/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="" categories="melbourne vic australia o18 techno nrgtrance " date_posted="2002-10-20"/>

<event id="21820" name="YALLA! MiDDLE-EASTERN MUSIC AND DANCE" description="MiDDLE-EASTERN MUSIC AND DANCE @ Barbukka Bar/Cafe 279 Smith St Collingwood YALLA!
Fridays in May
9.30pm till late
Barbukka Bar/ Cafe
With Tim Humphries , trumpet " start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="21:30pm" end_time="01:00" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/21820/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="3" categories="melbourne vic australia live ambient indie drumming acoustic " date_posted="2003-05-06"/>

<event id="38137" name="Hard Kandy" description=" @ RMH, 629 Bourke Street, Melbourne " start_date="2005-10-28"
end_date="2005-10-28" start_time="" end_time="" link="http://www.spraci.com/events/victoria/melbourne/38137/"
area="x0melbourne" user_id="" categories="melbourne vic australia hardhouse trance acid techno nrgtrance " date_posted="2004-11-05"/>

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