BrisFunnyFest Comedy- Keith On Fire

Friday 18th August 2017 - Sunday 20th August 2017

standup comedy show: Keith On Fire

Live: Keith Cheng

Performances: Jenni Burke


Venue: 76 Fish Lane, South Brisbane

Tickets: $15

Time: 8pm - 9pm

This is a standup comedy show about why and how Keith Cheng came into the possession of a burned face. If you think being an immigrant is hard, try being an immigrant with a burned face. On a day to day basis, Keith wonders if people are judgemental to his ethnicity or are they just petrified by the glowing redness of his crimson face or his border-line autistic personality. He initially thought his singlehood could be solved by obtaining a pleasing physique, so he started working out real hard in the gym, just to end up realising the gym is not a plastic surgery clinic. After being told by his doctor that there's no cure, he decided to watch the world burn while waiting for his imaginary girlfriend to show up. .. .

Dates: 18,19 , 20th August, all at 8:00PM

Vene: Five Sisters Bar and Cafe, 76 Fish lane, South Brisbane

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