Public Enemy

Thursday, 6th March 2014

Venue: Newcastle Panthers

Being listed by Rolling Stone magazine as an "Immortal, " placing 44th in their "Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time" as well as being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is possibly the greatest reflection of how influential Public Enemy are in society

With a career spanning countless generations in which the group have developed a reputation for portraying their breed of "real hip-hop" (NME) allowing the public of all ages to relate and connect to the "fierce rhetoric spat over beats and funky loops that are so in-your-face as to feel like they've lodged themselves inside your sinuses, " (BBC) Public Enemy are set to return to Australia for what will undoubtedly shape up to be the Hip Hop tour of the year.

"hip hop juggernauts " (Tone Deaf)

Forming in Long Island, New York way back in 1982, Public Enemy have spent their illustrious career building a reputation for not only producing records which are widely recognisable for changing the way the world interprets Hip Hop music, but also providing influence for many of today's artists. Labelled as "the greatest hip hop act of all time, " by the(BBC) and "utterly essential, " (Louder Than War) there is no doubtwhen Flavor Flav and Chuck D begin to start their iconic raps, there is nothing one can do but simply admire the creative genius that is Public Enemy.

With years of refining their live performance, you have never quite witnessed a show of such energy and power until you have seen the New Yorker's own the stage and give the audience the opportunity to lose their minds in the music which shaped generations for decades.

At a Public Enemy show, you can always expect the music to speak for itself, but it is when the visual experience takes over that the level of intensity and strength rises to create an experience you will not have at any other concert. "Flavor Flav was running around like a mad man, doing mad fly kicks and some serious crowd surfing, while Chuck D had a level of intensity in his performance that did not waver." (Music Feeds) It's easy to connect with artists when you can tell that they are enjoying themselves, and Public Enemy does exactly that each and every night when they hit the stage which is "instantly fun and noticeably energised, lighting the room full of child-like grins and fiercely nodding heads." (Bristol Live Magazine)

If there is only one gig you attend this year, make sure it is Public Enemy. It is their unwavering ability to continually produce iconic live shows immediately gripping punters and critics alike and taking you on a journey of pure Hip Hop energy, leaving audiences stunned and remembering these performances for the rest of their lives. Don't miss out when Chuck D and Flavor Flav bring their rap juggernaut to Australia for a tour which will yet again prove just why Public Enemy is renowned worldwide for being not only one of the greats of their genre, but one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time.

'They were exciting, challenging and a straight-up brilliant live act.' (Faster Louder)

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