Hot Yogis Live in Forster

Saturday 11th May 2013

Hot Yogis Playing Live

Live: Hot Yogis

Venue: TAB Lakes & Ocean Hotel 10 Little St Forster

Time: 8pm - 11:30pm

Hot Yogis Play Live In Forster NSW
Greg Bryce- Vocals/Guitar
Len Samperi- Bass/Vocals
Simon Lee- Drums

HOT YOGIs had started recording their album and were on their way to their first gig rehearsal at Zen Studios in Sydney. They’d been looking for a band name and they drove past this sign “Japanese Hot Yoga”. .. .all of a sudden it clicked! They would call themselves HOT YOGIs. .. .Greg Bryce (vocals/guitar) had been a yoga teacher for many years and even had his own yoga school in Sydney. Len Samperi (bass/vocals) and Greg had been studying and practising the same yoga and meditation for years and Simon Lee (drums) was also on a yogic/meditation path.

Greg, Len, and Simon had formed a band initially to do functions and cover gigs. They went into the studio to put down some sample cover songs for promo and while they were there they also recorded 5 original songs. When the YOGIs listened back to the cd it was apparent that the covers were ok but the originals really had some freshness and promise so they were motivated to keep recording more. Greg and Len also took on the role of producers and started to add more sparkle and colour to the original tracks of acoustc guitar, vocals, bass and drums.

Quite a few of the songs came out of a tumultuous and challenging period in Greg’s life. At the time he just jumped in his car and went to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to “get away from it all”. He started taking his guitar out into nature and by the beach. While soaking up the magic of life up there, allowing all his feelings to come through the music and hanging out with musical friends, a lot of songs were written easily and spontaneously.

When he returned to Sydney and played these songs to Len and Simon, they took on a life of their own. The YOGIs also included a bass loop instrumental from an EP that Len was working on.
The songs are pretty much all acoustic but with a real energy to them. A mixture of pop hooks, folk, funk and a touch of blues with a ballad or two in there as well.

Just after they recorded the CD and were wondering which way to go next, Greg was performing solo at a party where he met Darren Erskine. Darren has had 20 years experience in the recording industry and worked with quite a few major record companies. Greg played him some songs live and once he heard the CD he was motivated to get on board with The YOGIs and help promote it. Soon after Greg gave a copy to Reign Records and they were keen to sign them too

On the 28th of March 2013, Hot Yogis launched their Debut Album “Under The Wire” at The Wickham Park Hotel in Newcastle, playing to a capacity crowd and were very well received, The show was filmed, and out of that came their first video clip “Tide is Rising” which has had a strong response on You Tube.
“Under The Wire” consists of 14 Original Songs, 13 penned by Bryce and “Close Encounter” (The Albums finisher) penned by Bass Player, Len Samperi.
The Album was produced by both Greg Bryce and Len Samperi and is an album full of Love, Loss, Hope and Vampire Killers.
Hot Yogis continue launching “Under The Wire”, Playing Live at TAB Lakes & Oceans Hotel, 10 Little St ,Forster New South Wales ,Saturday 11th May 8PM.

For More Information on Hot Yogis go to Reign Records -
Facebook- Big Apachee-
Twitter- Ph- 0249 683093
Reverbnation- Publicity- Darren Erskine 0412550328
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