VAMP Alternative Club Nights Canberra Australia

Friday 11th November 2016

Nightclub event with 2 DJs & 2 Live Bands for fans of Alternative music genres like (Post) Punk, New Wave, Electro Synth Pop, Indie, Industrial, Gothic, Dance Punk, 70s Glam Art Rock, Electronica, Indietronica ...

Live: SNUFF + Amelia Arsenic (aka.

DJs: Robot Citizen + Lady K

Venue: Lobrow Bar, 181 City Walk, Canberra City, Civic, ACT, Australia

Tickets: $10 concession, $15 full

Time: 7pm - 1am

The Friday November 11 2016 chapter of VAMP (Canberra Australia) features 2 live bands:
ii) Amelia Arsenic - formerly known as "destroyx" of the Sydney band Angelspit ...
as part of their 5 city east-coast Australian tour that also includes Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney & Melbourne.

DJ Robot Citizen and special guest Lady K will mix a variety of: (Post-)Punk, New Wave, Industrial, Goth, Alt Indie Art Pop/Rock, Electronica, Electro-Synth-Pop-Punk, New Romantic, Glam, Darkwave, Ska, Grunge, Dark EDM, EBM, NDH, No-Wave, Groove Metal & David Bowie tunes ... The DJs welcome song requests :)

The venue Lobrow is at the location of the infamous historical Manhattan club that was the place for Canberra's alt sub-cultures in the 1980s - the home for punks, goths, bohemians, electro-heads, rivetheads, indie kids and of course the trans, drag, gay and lesbian scenes.

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Here's a link for a historical list of 100s of Australian Alternative Music Clubs that have been organised by or featured DJ Robot Citizen in Canberra (ACT), Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW) & Perth (WA)

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