Decks and the City - Film Screening

Saturday, 20th January 2018

Venue: Biggies at Bertram, 73 Grenfell St, Adelaide

Decks and the City is a film about music passion in the electronic music scene and the nightlife that forms a major part of the culture around it.
The idea for this film was born amidst a very negative focus on dance music in the mainstream media.
This film is dedicated to showing the passion, dedication and hard work involved in the electronic music industry.
Whilst predominantly Adelaide focused, the concept applies Australia wide and in many ways globally.

We talk to DJ's, Producers, Artists, Promoters, Venue Owners & Patrons who have taken years to master their craft and invested a lot of time and money into their music passion.
These are people who work in a regular job, pay their taxes, fit in with society, could be supporting a family and likely be standing in the supermarket isle next to you.

We investigate what is really happening in the music scene right now and how it is affecting small business, whilst also celebrating a piece of history that highlights the amazing talent we have here in Adelaide and essentially Australia as a whole.
Expect to see many genres of music covered from house to techno, trance, dnb, hard dance, hardcore, psy trance, future bass and more.

It's an insightful look into the electronic music industry from many angles we hope it can be used to drive some positive change as we move forward.
For that reason we also take a look at what the future holds as we inevitably move towards a shift in the party culture that accompanies the music industry.

Music is of course the main focus of this film so it would be remiss of us not to heavily feature the amazing talent of music producers across all genres of electronic music that Adelaide has to offer.

Cast includes but is not limited to: HMC/LNTG, Troy J Been (Fresh 92.7 Station Manager), Driller, Jorge Watts, Motez, Uberjak'd, DJ Josh, Adrian Whalland (SAE), Fiction, MC/DJ Pab and much much more.

18+ Event at this stage due to classification restrictions.

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