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Tyler Kyte.. incredible artist!

Posted by lefthook999 on Saturday, 7th May 2005 10:58 PM


I work with some really great artists and I do a lot of shows in the Toronto area amongst other things... if you love checking out great live bands... shoot me an email.. I can hook you up for sure...

One of our artists at Lefthook Entertainment TYLER KYTE (you may remember him as the host of Popular Mechanics for kids!") has been blowing people away at every show!

Reminiscent of Eddy Vedder and Michael Stipe, Tyler sings with a passion and emotion rarely heard.His songs combine the classic rock of Aerosmith and Pearl Jam,with a more rootsy,folk based approach ,that could as easily fill a stadium or a coffee house.

His website is under construction... but he is performing at CLintons on May 15th @ 9:30pm... he is well worth checking out...

www.tylerkyte.com (under construction)

If you like what you hear shoot me an email and I'll add you onto my list and keep you up to date on some really hot bands! we have numerous shows coming up in the next couple months.

Peace, Andrea

Andrea - Music Vibe Productions
Publicity, Artist Development & Bookings

E: lefthook_development@hotmail.com

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Jesse Labelle- www.jesselabelle.com
Tyler Kyte- www.tylerkyte.com (under construction)
Gavin Bradley- www.gavostyle.com

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