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IGR Productions Release Downsiid Video Ballin’

Posted by muzikman on Monday, 22nd May 2006 3:18 AM


Austin, Texas--May 22, 2006--Texas rockers Downsiid have decided to capitalize on their single “Ballin’” from their scorching hot metal meets rap album The Evolution of Ghetto Rock with an independently released video for the song. Directed by IGR Productions out of Austin Texas, this is the band’s third self-funded video. Downsiid indie label Inner Global Records from Austin coordinated the efforts and the band’s manager Pete “Habo” Massey produced the video with the rest of the Downsiid management team XM2.

The “Ballin’” video features each Downsiid band member in a dream sequence living the high life of rock stars, with all the money, cars, and women, the typical things people associate with that style of life. The music sets the pace as members live out their fantasy fast and furious just like the lifestyle they portray in the video. The popularity of the song is sure to get another big boost once the video starts to circulate.

In addition to the success of the new album and single, Downsiid were invited to play the Hyperactive Festival in New Mexico on June 10 and the famous El Rey Theater from 11:30pm-12:15am. They will be kicking off a tour that IGR has arranged called the Freedom Tour this July as well. Many of the band members are veterans of military service and they wanted to show their appreciation for our brothers and sisters in arms by visiting six military towns in July and August.

Downsiid may be rockers on the stage but off the stage they are homegrown American’s with an appreciation for the people that maintain our freedom and keep our country safe. The band steps outside the box and pushes aside any labels or stereotypes that their music may invite with a great sound and a strong purpose to back it all up.


Peter Massey-Manager
2200 Speidel
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Tel: 512-252-8943
Cell: 512-751-8363
IGR Productions

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Ballin' Video

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