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Syd Barrett- Under Review (Limited Collector’s Edition)

Posted by muzikman on Monday, 27th February 2006 2:14 AM

Artist: Syd Barrett
Title: Under Review (Limited Collector’s Edition)
Format: DVD
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Chrome Dreams

I had a history lesson on Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett through watching this DVD. This is one problem however, is any of what I absorbed true? This is an independent critical review and any interviews, opinions and or information provided on this DVD, is not authorized by Syd Barrret, his family, or members of Pink Floyd. Well, there is your typical CYA disclaimer before we even get started eh? It is the limited collector’s edition, so that may entice you a bit anyway.

Well that may sound a bit discouraging but fear not, this DVD is very enjoyable with some rare footage of Barrett performing and interesting tidbits of information nevertheless. Whether what I found out about Barrett and Pink Floyd is based on fact or not really does not matter to me at this point. It made me realize how important he was to Pink Floyd, well without him there would not have been a band, period. I knew he was a key component in getting the band off the ground in the late 60s but this DVD just magnified that importance and meaning tenfold.

I am skeptical and doubtful that Barrett was what the media portrayed him as, the genius gone mad. He may have left the limelight simply because he wanted to be alone and had no desire to play the game any longer and there is nothing wrong with that. He was brilliant; there is no question of that. I have to wonder what the true story is behind this enigma called Syd Barrett.

I was a bit discouraged that there was no booklet with the DVD or a track listing, quite unusual; actually, it is not unusual to have a booklet missing with a promo copy, but no track listing? It did come with a slipcover though. I guess the entire package was a 50/50 hit or miss any way you look at it. Even so, I did get a lot of enjoyment out of it and that is the main objective now isn’t it?

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

February 23, 2006


Syd Barrett Website

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