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Re: Desperately Looking for name of song!

Posted by funcimunci on Tuesday, 22nd July 2003 12:23 AM

> It's a great high energy song, sung by a guy (he almost has a
> reggea-ish kind of voice), and it has a hard driving, high
> energy beat and I've heard it several times on 106.7 KDL here in
> Dallas but they never say the names or artists of the songs.
> I usually can look on the internet or WinMx and find it but this
> one I can't. I figured the name would be "when the sun goes
> down (or a variation close to that) but I've downloaded a bunch
> of songs and can't find the right one.
> It goes something like this (don't have all the words)
> "Feels like I wanna be inside you, when the sun goes down
> as long as I'm gonna be around you....
> Another night
> Another day
> let the music play
> when the sun goes down, yeah
> Gonna let it out, gonna let it all out, when the sun goes down
> on me"
> Appreciate any help!
> dpm5@hotmail.com


Azure "Sunset" - its a bootleg of Cassius "The Sound Of Violence"

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