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Posted by alrighteveryone on Wednesday, 22nd March 2006 11:11 AM

Melbourne based singer/songwriter/guitarist Russ Aimz has finally dropped his much awaited debut album. Beautifully presented with original artwork, pics etc, "Cruze" is the kind of album perfect for those long country drives, capturing the very essence of the places Russ writes and sings about. Able to hold a note well and with some truly inspirational sounds, Aimz leaves his mark. Adding his own version of Fleetwood Mac’s "Gypsy" shows Russ likes to challenge himself while also demonstrating his range and diversity. Best songs range from the slow moving "Here We Are" through the upbeat, earthy folk feel of "Postcard" to the haunting "Mathew". With numerous awards behind him, Russ is well on the way to following his idols success… we wish him well.

Reviewer Mark Rasmussen ~ The Buzz Magazine] (Aus)


The passionate strains of "The Grampians Song" opens Russ Aimz' debut confidently. His earthy voice and the soaring strings work well together. Aimz, an Australian singer makes music that has me thinking of other bands from that country. I'm hoping it's not all prejudice on my part. "Melt" recalls the Go-Betweens literate jangle, and its exuberance is all its own. Aimz is clearly capable of making hopeful songs without being too sentimental. "Victoria" is gorgeous and epic and rhymes the title with 'euphoria' just because it can.
"If I Give" has a message but exhibits enough self-doubt too not become too preachy. "If I give to others will there be anything left for me" ponders the narrator. The anthemic chorus and the use of strings work well here. A version of Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy" closes the record nicely. This is a very nice debut.

Copyright © 2006 Anna Maria Stjärnell (Sweden) Luna Kafé

1.The Grampians Song (recieving airplay)
4.Idols and Heroes
6.Here We Are
8.If I Give
10.Brand Nu Day
11.Pound Bend (won more airplay in community radio comp)

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Russ Aimz

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