Wow about time


From: Steve-o- Salvona
Subject: Wow about time
Date: Sat19-04-08 19:48:34

Sorry i have been searching high and low for Fellow Rings of power finatics.
i played ROP on the mega drive and was hooked. i have to say it is one of the best RPG's
i have ever played and still it beats most of the modern games i play. 
im that hooked i managed to find the ROM and play it on my psp with an emulator and also
play it on the pc.

wouldn't it be good for a next gen release or something similar. 

also im currently making an RPG game with RPG Maker XP but its based on a gaming clan im
part of. 

guys please feel free to email me or keep in touch thanks.. 


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From: Cocky
Subject: Re: Wow about time
Date: Wed28-05-08 22:04:09

Ah man, I had exactly the same feeling, every year or so I'd check up to see if there
were any websites regarding this woefully underrated gem, even had a shot at making one

It's the kind of game you can gush about for hours to people, while they have no clue
what you are talking about. 


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From: steve
Subject: Re: Wow about time
Date: Thu21-08-08 13:21:34

I know how that goes.

When I started playing Neverwinter Nights, I got into modding and remember making a
virtually completely working version of the city of mind. I was incredibly proud of
myself. It took me weeks of solid work. Deleted it now of course as I had no use for it.
But the look of the thing once I had done it made me smile. It was so recognizable as
being the city of mind. I had started working on Division too, had the city square
sorted, but ran into trouble with the castle, as Division's Castle is huge, NwN never
catered for anything like that. I realised then just how difficult making the entire
game would be and decided to leave it there.

I have thought a time or two about trying to learn basic modding for Oblivion, and
making it on there too just to see what it looks like.

I may well have carried on doing it fuly for NWN but I could never get anybody
interested in helping me. I only ever had 1 friend (who I haven't seen in years) who
bothered playing through RoP at my insistance and loved it. Everyone else I've ever
tried persuading get put off because it is undeniably tough at first play and very jerky
and annoying to control. People just have no patience these days, and they're only doing
themselves a disservice. 


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From: TerraBreaker (TerraBreaks)
Subject: Re: Wow about time
Date: Sun31-08-08 01:02:55

shame that you deleted that steve, I would've loved to see a modern day rendition of any
part of RoP.

I remember when I very first got internet access at home - lol, 56k dial up memories and
one of the first things I looked for was any websites on RoP. Needless to say, there
were none - and the rom was incredibly difficult to find online back then as well. I
couldn't believe that this game was so criminally underrated and its unfortunate that
Naughty Dog have taken the little section on Rings of Power off their site. I remember
there was some joke on their page referring to "just ask any of the 'five' people who
actually completed it." heh,

I'm glad that yatesy has finally made a site dedicated to RoP, its just a shame hardly
anybody has played this great game. 


From: Eye of Nexus
Subject: Re: Wow about time
Date: Mon29-09-08 23:30:07

Indeed. It's been criminally underrated from the start... what we need is an ad


From: Landale
Subject: Wow about time
Date: Mon27-10-08 13:23:19

Hi guys! I thought I was the only ROP fan in the world. Rings of Power must be "is" the
most underrated RPG ever. I bought my copy 1991 and have been a great fan ever since.
Nice to see, I'm not alone! ^^ 


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From: Craigie
Subject: Wow about time
Date: Tue28-10-08 22:35:23

I remember first playing ROP when i was 12, at first it was so hard and i got so
frustrated. After perserverance i became addicted. I remember the emotion i felt after
playing for hours on end and then getting slash to join my party, it was such an
achievment and a releif.  Out of all the RPG's ive played none of them compare to this
one and none have given me such satisfaction and endless play. I happy to find people
who feel the same way.  I think that if they remade the game identically without
changing too much that it would be the ultimate Rpg.  Imagine the characters with modern


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From: M22RDY
Subject: Re: Wow about time
Date: Thu04-12-08 10:45:34

Is this site still maintained? 


From: y8c / yatesy
Subject: Re: Wow about time
Date: Thu05-02-09 07:14:15

Hi everyone. 

Glad so many of you come here. I have to be honest, I dont check on here as often as I
should. I'll have to make amends!

As for the site, it does get updated, but in short bursts. This is mainly due to the
time I spend doing other things. I usually have a big updating session when there has
been enough people E-Mail me with contributions. There are a few outstanding things to
do however, such as the speed guide, pics page and finishing the interactive map. These
will get done!

Please keep coming back to see whats new and thanks once again for visiting.  


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