some weird stuff


From: StArCkAR
Subject: some weird stuff
Date: Sun01-01-06 15:16:49

Well, hello there. I had this questions in my mind for a while, so I will post them
here, maybe someone can answer them.

1-In the Quest for the Ring of Perfection (i think), a clue says something about the
lunatics and the holy knights of nexus. I talked to the lunatics in the asylum, and I
think one of them gives some hints about the tile puzzle. As of the knights, in east
Cathedral, there's some sort of paladin order, with knigths of course. I talked to them
too, but I couldn't get any clue from them. Also, in the first floor I think, there's a
chest that can´t be open. At least I couldn´t do it. Any clues about this stuff?

2- I have the cartridge (not original), and played it on a real Genesis, but I can't
save or load at all. It says something about a media error. Playing it in the emu
doesn't help at all, because it says the something. I downloaded the rom from two
different surces, but I keep on getting that error. ???

3- In some very rare cases (both in the cartridge and in the emu), after a random number
of play hours, suddenly a message appears saying something like this: "In a sad twist of
fate, Void found you and your party, and annihilated you in a mere xxx seconds." And
then I am forced to restart the game. Is it common?

In conclusion, I must say this is a VERY rare game.... and I love it!!! so much!! 


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From: StArCkAR
Subject: Re: some weird stuff
Date: Sun01-01-06 15:34:46

Okay, sorry. I just read the updated walktrough and that answered my first question. I
read about the glitch that makes Void find you, but that has happened to me in other
places as well. 


From: Y8c
Subject: Re: some weird stuff
Date: Wed12-04-06 03:18:46

Void can find and kill you at any time, it is a completely random occurance as far as I
know. If you could save, you wouldnt have to go so far back. You would do well to finish
the whole game without Void finding you once. 


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