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2012-12-19So who actually completed it then?!   (11 replies)   Jimsey
2012-05-23Another infinite loot spot   (2 replies)   Steve
2012-01-05Finishing the game with a smaller party   (1 reply)   Fillemon
2012-01-02Dead archer   (2 replies)   ZENARCHER
2012-01-02Sorcerors health   (1 reply)   mrbuc
2011-04-28Remake??     J-Fu
2010-10-05Problems with ROM   (6 replies)   Rex
2009-06-03Hello from Russia: translation, fan site   (1 reply)   Ñîçèäàòåëü
2009-05-23Archived site of Naughty Dog     starckar
2009-05-23What are your best loved moments in this game?   (3 replies)   Eye of Nexus
2009-02-05Gatestones and other items   (4 replies)   Moondog
2009-02-05Wow about time   (8 replies)   Steve-o- Salvona
2008-10-03Rings of Power Review     RDS
2008-09-29Mass Creatures and save question.   (1 reply)   Keiseth
2008-09-29Spells   (4 replies)   JT
2008-08-12Manual   (10 replies)   J-Fu
2008-07-17After passing the game...   (2 replies)   Intuition
2008-07-05EXP points   (2 replies)   D
2008-03-16Reaper   (3 replies)   Michael
2006-04-12some weird stuff   (2 replies)   StArCkAR
2005-08-29Mesa     D
2004-06-11About the Map..   (1 reply)   Mark S
2004-05-28Theories and Rumours etc...   (4 replies)   Yatesy
2004-03-05Fan area     Yatesy
2004-02-14mesa   (1 reply)   dav
2003-11-10Mines of missery   (1 reply)   Kennedy
2003-10-19WANTED! Game Genie codes   (2 replies)   yatesy
2003-04-22Welcome to the Rings of Power forum     yatesy

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