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PostPosted: 02 Jul 2005 12:06    Post subject: TAKING BOOKING REQUESTS FOR Reply with quote

Taking booking requests for the following artists


Genre's: Progressive Trance, House, Hard Trance, NRG, and Breaks.

Playing Experience: 3 years

Skills: (remix)Beat mixing, Effect modulation, (chess like) Programming


Dale Petersen (age-23) aka DJDELLRAY

A musical driven mind from the get go, Growing up, Dellray was always involved in music
one way or another.

Always in search for new musical outlets he learned to play such instruments as (guitar,
trumpet, classical bass,)

it was his introduction to electronic music in (2002) and the art of beat matching that
changed his views of music and the


The Idea a self expression through others became the focal point of his desire.

Josh Beckstead
Check him out here for more details



Skillz: Turntablism. Scratchism. Beat Mixing. Beat Matching
: Official CD Releases:
Sukumbed by Hardhouz 2002 mix
The Bootleg mix 2003
Inside Of Us 2004 mix
Hard Styles Vol.1 2005 mix *OUT NOW!*

: Discography:
Steven Whites aka DJ INSIDEUS started throwing down vinyl on the wheels of steel in 99'.
He started spinning beats to fulfill the 4th element of hip hop he was missing. In 97', he
joined 2 hip hop crews, KDC (Kin Daze Crew) & IRS (Illustrating Raw Skills). He soon
learned the art forms of real hip hop, ranging from: break dancing, tagging/graffiti and
flowing (rapping). His crews performed all these elements to the smooth chilling beats of
the hip hop sound. He quickly found that he must have turntables to fulfill his last
element of hip hop life. He then picked up a set of turntables and started out spinning
hip hop tracks, instrumentals, breaks, & Turntablism Scratchism for his crews (KDC & IRS).

Eventually his crews retired and he still had the passion for Djing. He turned solely to
spinning Break Beats in late 99'. For the electronic Club & Rave scene. He learned the
skills of disc jockeying very quickly from local DJ's, Lee Solid & Shawn Phillips, of Salt
Lake Cities Club & Rave scene. They taught him the low down on how to mix and scratch
records professionally.
DJ Lee Solid showed him the art form of old school scratching compared to Nu-skool
scratching techniques, as well as Beat matching and Beat mixing two tracks together. He
picked up very quickly and uses these mixing and scratching techniques in his live
performances today.
Shawn Phillips showed him all the angles of mixing techniques; he also opened up an entire
different Genre's of the electronic music scene to him as Shawn never stopped at one
Genre. Soon after spinning break beats for around a year and a half, INSIDEUS found
another genre more interesting and intense, it was UK Hard House. This genre sparked his
interest and made him feel powerful yet complete when playing it.
INSIDEUS then landed his first DJ gig as a residency at Club Senior Frogs in Salt Lake
City during 2001. During his residency there, he opened up for DJ's Irene and DJ Miss Lisa
as well as some big locals at the time. Around a year or so playing weekly on Thursday
nights there, his residency came to an end, he started playing out more at various clubs
and bars through out Salt Lake City while also playing at one of the first infamous Foam
Parties to hit Salt Lake.
He finally made his move into the Rave scene in 2002 for a few underground parties held in
Salt Lake City. His first official rave booking was "Alien Invasion"(NYE Party, DEC. 02').
During this first rave performance, he proved to the Salt Lake rave scene that he has what
it takes to make the scene kickin again and to make that Rave ticket worth every penny
spent on it.
The local rave's soon started seeing DJ INSIDEUS playing at all the hot rave parties
across the Wasatch Front, whether it was a massive rave party or a smaller underground
party, he was most likely there laying down the Hard Beats.

He then got introduced to a few production companies that wanted him to be on their DJ
Roster. He eventually made the decision to be on one of Salt Lakes biggest DJ Rosters
today, Infinity Productions & Management. He has been signed with this company ever since
2003 for out of state bookings while he managed his own instate bookings and local
production company rosters.
He has been affiliated with: Solid UNDA Ground Recordings, Desert Tribe Productions, and
Elemental Forces. Solid UNDA Ground recordings was founded in 2001, it was a group of
skillful multi-tasked DJ/Producers in Salt Lake that formed together to help each other
out with original production tracks and mixes, while also landing bookings for the entire
group as one. Desert Tribe productions was formed to throw Desert Parties in the Salt Lake
area, the main party thrown by Desert Tribe every year was THUMPER(Easter Party), which
included the 2nd and 3rd parties in the deserts of Utah. Elemental Forces is a collective
of DJ's and Artist's from Salt Lake City that have been throwing parties since 2003, and
have set the scale high with their biggest party yet, called Sequence. The Sequence party
has been consecutive for 4 years in a row, and INSIDEUS has had the privilege to play at
Sequence 3.0 & 4D. He is now retiring from these 3 production companies to solely play out
for Infinity Productions (I.P. & M.)'S DJ roster.

Marcos Carnaval

Marcos Carnaval, otherwise known as Mark UC, has worked as a club and radio DJ for 16
years in Brazil. For 2000/2001, Marcos was voted the best DJ/Producer in Brazil. In the
past, he remixed "Better off Alone" from Alice Deejay, who also invited him to co-produce
her CD! Marcos partnered with DJ Jorge Capacete in 1998 to make the hit "The Rave."
This was the first music made by DJs/producers from Rio de Janeiro to become a hit in Sao
Paulo. In 1999, he was invited by the record label Paradoxx Music to remix "It Feels So
Good" by Marion K. The song became a huge hit making it one of the most played songs on
Brazilian radio. In 2000, he signed on with Seven Music, a Brazilian label of Sony Music.
In that year, he released his third album, "Tekno-Hard-Attack." Marcos won two awards for
the album in 2000 - Festa Planet Award Best DJ and World Music Award Best DJ and Producer.
Marcos again distinguished himself in 2001 when he won the biggest dance music award in
South America, the "DJ Sound Best Producer Award".
In June of 2002, he became a label executive in North America. By 2003, Marcos started his
own label, UC Entertainment, and it has become one of the leading digital distributors of
non-major label music in Brazil and Latin America.
Recent remixes in 2005 include B More Shake and Soul Makossa by Afrika Bambaataa on Tommy
Boy Records. With three albums, more than 30 collection CDs featuring his tracks,
different artist remixes, and tight DJ skills, Marcos Carnaval is one of the most
successful producers and DJ's from Brazil.

Events Played:
Distortion Project (2003)
Amplified 1 (2003)
Distortion Project 2 (2003)
Static Promotional Tour 2 (2004)
Kamikazes (Club Neptune)
Club Insomnia @ Teasers
Undivided (2005) 2x4 set w/ Dj Code & Jon Bishop
Has also played **COUNTLESS** private event's and house parties.

-= Full Audio Spectrum =- (Live Broadcast show)
As Vocal As It Gets 2003
What a Dj Will Do To Get Heard 2003
Temporary Spectrolosis 2004
Journey 2004
Something worth Waiting For 2004
That Day Will Come 2004
Out There 2004
Beyond All Boundaries 2004

Coming soon...
Shaken Not Stirred (Sexy House) early 2005
Spectre vs. Stubbz (comp) Trance/Breaks late 2004
Just Released
("Out of Sight Out of Mind")Chart Topper....

Leonard Leamaster aka SPECTRE has been playing professionally for over 7 years now, he is
slowly getting into producing his own tracks as well as others.
He signed with Infinity Productions in the fall of 2003 and continues to hone his skills
as the best Trance & Break's... Producer/DJ this state has seen.

With his playing skills taking the top honors among several candidates. Spectre will be
the one to look for in upcoming shows done by Infinity Productions / DCS in TX. & F-8 in
This remark came directly from the master himself.


You can check out all of the following artists at
And listen to a few of there mixes on line, just go to there page and look for


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