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PostPosted: 20 Nov 2003 18:18    Post subject: Feardevil: Incident In Northumberland [part one] Reply with quote

Feardevil: Incident In Northumbria
by Amber & Will

Bart Hill wandered along the heavily wooded one lane road, somewhere in the
chilled darkness of Northumbria.

Up ahead, there was a faint flickering light... perhaps another wanderer
with the wherewithal to explain which direction to take for a village
or farm house with a telephone... anything to get him on a train to
Newcastle and hopefully on the way home.

This was a long way from Shadowville, and in fact, made Shadowville
look like Metropolis in comparison.

As he got nearer to the light, it turned out to be a flickering, floating
light... a Will-O-Wisp of swamp gas, or somesuch.

In frustration, Bart picked up a stone and tossed it at the multicolored
ether... the stone passed through the light, and vanished...

Rose walks up to the stranger in her town and says "Yo dude, what's
your deal? Tossin' sh*t around the place?"

She pushes him but she's too weak, he doesn't move.

She turns and runs back to the bar, a good 2 mile run away.

Bart shakes his head in nonplussed amusement...

"At least the little lady pointed out the general direction to go
in... maybe she'll let me buy her a drink, when we meet again... I,
for one, could sure use one..."

He shivered, zipped up his red and blue parka, and strolled in the
direction she'd ran off in. though mid-Summer, Northumbria was as
nippy as a Winter's night in Shadowville, and ten times as desolate.

Fearing she might be followed, Rose runs home instead of to the bar,
and tells her fiancee about the incident.

"Why the f*ck did you push that man are you stupid b*tch?" he shouted.

She winced in fear as he continued shouting profanties at her.

Finally she'd had enough. "Here, have the f*cking ring back, I'm
getting the hell out of this trash hole."

Tears dripping down her face, she ran over to the bar across the
street and saw the stranger she had ran into earlier...

"You been chopping onions, little lady?" Bart asked as Rose stepped up
to the bar.

He motioned for the bartender, as she sat down at the stool next to
him. He offered her a cigarette, she shook her head.

"No thanks... I will have a drink, though.", she wiped her eyes.

"Sure, what's your poison?"

"Long Island Ice Tea if ya can afford it. Listen, sorry about
earlier... strangers in town don't usually get a warm welcome. I don't
know if you've noticed all the crude looks you've been getting in
here. Sure the bartender will treat you fine cuz you'll be paying him.
But everyone else will either avoid you or try to start somethin with
ya. Stick with me for a few days and maybe the townsfolk will lighten
up on ya."

"Yeah, I was informed of that before I came here... these
out-of-the-way places are generally like that, folks keep to
themselves... not a lot like where I'm from, a little town called
shadowville. Bartender, bring the young lady a Long Island Ice Tea...
make it a double. Oh, and about our meeting on the road... no
problem... I like a little spunk in a lady." Bart winked and downed
his shot of Jack Daniels, chasing it with a sip of beer. He winked,
and took a long look at Rose.

Rose, a tall, slender, brunette with green eyes whose ancestry is from
France and Germany, sits at the bar sipping on her Long Island Ice Tea
with delight. She gazes back at the old man, seeing something in him
that she didn't see there before...

"So, what brings you to Northumbria, stranger?" Rose asked him with a

"I'm... here on buisness... looking for a... friend. And call me
Bart... and, I never got your name, green eyes..."

"Rose. A "friend", hmmmm..? Tall dark and mysterious... not the best
way to make a friend in Northumberland... but there's actually not a "best"
way to make friends here..." She laughed softly, the bartender brought her
drink with a surly look.

"Thanks pal. another shot for me, please suh!" Bart grinned... the bartender
huffed and poured him another.

"Not from around here, from your accent, Bart... not from *anywhere*
around here... American, I wager, since you talk like a cowboy..."
Rose teased.

"So who's this friend you're trying to meet up with anyway? Anybody I
might know?" Rose states as she takes another sip from her Long Island
Ice Tea.

"Maybe... but to be honest with you... I hope not".

Rose noticed a flash of grimness cross his face, and realised that
she'sd have to coax his agenda from him a bit more slowly... perhaps
after another drink or two...

"So, is Northumberland everything you expected it to be..? There *are*
dragons and "errant knights" here, y'know." Rose said, changing the
subject a bit.

"Yes, I know... and my friend happens to be both of those things."

"Oh really. How interesting. I know someone who's both of those
things. Perhaps it's your friend. His name is Scotty." Rose stated.

She continued sipping her Long Island Ice Tea, patiently waiting to
find out if the person she knows is the same person he knows.

"So... tell me more... where is Scotty?", Bart Hill's deadpan
pokerface gave him away... he was *very* interested in how she knew
"Scotty". In just a few minutes of knowing him, Rose could tell that
this strange, rumpled American was usually never a deadpan
pokerface... unless there was a reason.

"Oh... he's around... is he your friend, and *where* from?"

"So, you gonna tell me where you know Scotty from?" Rose asked.

"I was hoping you'd tell me...", Bart took another sip, and continued;
"Scotty was supposed to stay here. he didn't. Did he ever speak of a place
called Shadowville?"

"Maybe... is that why you're here... what happened in shadowville? That was
over twenty years ago... and he said..." She stopped.

Bart looked her in the eye... he had the grim look again.

"He said... what?"


"You're protecting him... why?"

"I'm not!"

"Let's not worry about that now... I just need to... talk... to Scotty. Tell
me about yourself, rose. You're much more interesting than Scotty to me,
right now. How long have you lived here in Northumbria..? You don't really
seem like a "local". What's your story, Rose..." Bart changed the subject...
it was getting too close to the bone.

"Aren't we quick to change the subject. No, let's talk about Scotty. Why do
you want to know so bad what happened 20 years ago in Shadowville? Are you
from Shadowville? That's where you're from, isn't it... and that's when you
met him, 20 years a go. Yeah I got it all figured out now."

"Good. So... how about another drink? You sure did drink that one down fast
for such a little lady. Bartender, another double for the lady! Come on,man,
get the lead out!" Bard mumbled.

"Yes, I was kinda thirsty, trying to outrun you...", Rose answered.

Bart was fascinated by her quick responses that never revealed any of the
clues he was subtly , or so he thought, trying to fathom from her about
where he could lay hands on Scotty. Yes, he'd been to Shadowville, he
thought. Yes, he'd sworn never to return... and, yes, he'd left three
corpses of three mutiual friends behind, with all the evidence pointing
to... Bart Hill, aka Feardevil.

"Well have another drink... let's forget Scotty for now... I want to know
your story, Green Eyes." Bard said before knocking back another shot.

"Well I'm 27 years old and ran into Scotty a few years back... had a little
fling with him for a while until the parents found out and freaked. He was
always sneaking around doing things behind my back without telling me or
giving me any clues as to what he was doing anyway, so we parted ways." She
suddenly realized that this may just be the information that he Bart wanted
to know, so she shifted the angle of her story.

"After Scotty I had another lover who was fantastic. He was 43 and his name
was Billy Jean. I'll never forget Billy Jean. Full name Billy Jean O'Reilly.
He was handsome and fully loaded if you know what I mean. He almost
impregnated me but we found out fast that I am fertile. He left me for a
younger, more beautiful girl a few weeks ago and I've been on a sort of
rampage ever since. As any folk in here and they'll tell ya."

Bart took a shot of Jack and a long swig off of his beer.

"You ladies always seem to go for the biggest assholes, don't you? Such as
Scotty, for example. so... where is he..? We need to have a little...

"Beats the sh*t out of me... last I saw him he was headed for Shadowville...
unless his plans changed and he didn't tell me. Why would he tell me? We
broke things off... remember? We're not an item anymore so he doesn't have
to keep me informed on where he's going to be and when."

Rose was starting to get a litte antsy because she knew exactly where in
Shadowville Scotty was... at Bart's house. But she couldn't give out that
information or her a$$ would be kicked to the curb when he got back, IF he
got back.

"Do you know if a guy can get a taxi in this one horse town, Rose? I think
it's time we went over to Scotty's place... care to join me?" Bart stood
up... he felt a small pain in his right leg from when it was broken some
time earlier. He staggered a bit from the sharp pain.

"Are you okay, Bart?" Rose asked.

"Yeah... just an old... football injury." He lied, just for convivienience.
Why bother to explain he'd broken his leg time travelling?

"About that taxicab..."

"I've got a car." Rose answered.

They travelled in Rose's car to Scotty's place, not too far away from the
bar, to find it ravaged through to pieces.

Somebody had broken in and torn the place up.

The only light came from a large 3 wick candle that was lit in the center of
a table in the kitchen, under which was a note...

"there's a note here on the table, Bart." Rose said, squinting through the

"What does it say"

"I can't tell... seems to be written in some kind of code."

"Stickdevil!" Bart called.

A couple of seconds later a tiny litttle stick... a stick man... came
jerking through the door.

"What, Mister Feardevil?" The little stick figure asked.

"Feardevil?!?" Rose exclaimed.

"Yeah, long story, I'll tell you later... now, let's see if Stickdevil can
break this secret joke that Scotty evidently left for me..."

"It's not written in code, it's written in French, which I can read, write,
and talk. It says 'They've taken me away and destroyed my belongings... they
allowed me to leave only a note for my love to find. Janielle, my love,
please forgive me for not being at the altar... but now I am a missing
person. I do not know where they are taking me. Please send someone after me
if you can catch my trail.' Well sounds like the bastard found himself
another woman... another French woman at that. What kind of name is Janielle
anyway? Ooooh I could kill him right now!" Rose exclaims.

"A bastard, that Scotty. A good pal, but a bastard. Not that I'm
complaining..." Bart grinned, " I'm enjoying the pleasure of your company,

"I'm having a pleasant time, myself... but what now, Bart?", Rose asked.

"Find scotty, what else? Until the wheels fall off and burn."

"My Mustang can make it... but who has him? The French?", Rose asked.

"Yep, that would be my guess... the French have been trying to take back
Northumberland for centuries..."

"But then why would he write the note in French if the French are the people
that have taken him away? That would be a dumb move on his part and I do not
know Scotty to be dumb." Rose states.

"How would I know??? I didn't write the note... so what do *you* think is
up, Rosie? I've known him longer, but you've been with him more recently...
what do *you* think?" Bart asked.

"I think he's headed towards Scotland." Rose replied.

"Lead the way, m'lady." Bart answered.

They raced out the door and jumped into Rose's convertable Mustang and raced
away into the chill night.

They headed towards Scotland and passed castles and dragons along the way
and arrived in Scotland just after midnight.

"Okay... we're here, in Scotland... where i he?" Bart asked.

"He was in Northumberland... that's why I told you he was here, so he could
escape.", Rose answered.

"You knew I was here to kill him."


"And you know I still have to?"


"Well, let's get on with it, then. You'll have to lure him to me, then I
whack him."

"I don't think I can do that."

"It pays well."

"Okay, then."

They got in Rose's car and headed back to Northumberland.

"Why do you have to kill Scotty? he's my friend." Rose asked as she drove
back into Northumberland.

"I don't *have* to... I *want* to." Feardevil answered.

They drove a while in silence.

"He's my friend, too, you know." He finally spoke.

She had never thought of that, that Bart and Scotty were friends. Bart's
face turned like stone when talking about him, although he claimed they were
friends from the start.

"He is... really?"

"Yeah... what you may not know is your pal Scotty killed three women in
Shadowville last week."

"I don't believe you."

"Don't believe it, either, but the City Fathers of Shadowville do, and they
want him *gone*."

"And that's your job?"

"Yes. For now."

"Bad job."


They rode on down the line in silence.

Eventually Bart spoke again.

"You sent me on a wild goose chase after Scotty..."


"And now claim ypu'll help me kill him..."


"You're lying... you still love him, don't you?", Bart watched her face. She
didn't answer.

"Okay, here's the truth, Rose... I'm not trying to kill Scotty. He's my
friend, I need his help... we've both been framed in this.", he explained.

"If you don't want to kill him, then what do you want with him?" Rose asked,
tears starting to fill her eyes as she thought of her past love dying... as
she thought of her past love killing three innocent women in Shadowville, a
place she's never been to... as she thought about all the good times and the
bad, all the memories...

Rose pulled the car over, crying.

Bart leaned over and held her to him, she wept in his arms.

"I don't want to hurt him, Rose... I need his help... and he needs mine.
Scotty's like a brother to me. I couldn't explain it all until I was sure I
could trust you completely, please stop crying... I have a hunch Scotty's
fine. He knows how to take care of himself. He did tell you he was once a
Sandbagger with Her Majesty's Secret Service, right..?"

Rose sniffled a "No" and continued crying in Feardevil's arms...

"Don't cry, Rose, we'll find him..."

"I hope so"

Bart held her closer, feeling her soft skin against him, and the sweet smell
of her silky hair on his face. He wondered how Scotty could ever let Rose
go... but, he knew Scotty well, and knew he could never stay in one place
for long. One reason he was so hard to find, now.

Scotty was still somewhere in the desolate vastness of Northumberland...
Bart was sure of this... but where?


She looked up at him. Her green eyes were stunning in the bright moonlight.

"Yes..?" she answered softly.

"Are there any caves you know of in the area?"

"Not that I'm aware of... I stick mostly to the town though..."

"Something Stickdevil mentioned yesterday... he talks in riddles, but the
answers are usually to be found. He's a pretty amazing being... anyway, he
said 'look underground'..."

"We could visit Madame Darkness..." Rose mused.

"Who's she?" Bart asked.

"She holds information on all the dark secrets of Northumberland... she
would know of any caves or secret hiding places... she'd be the person to
talk to."

Bart yawned.

"We have a couple of hours before daylight... I say we get some rest, and
look up Madame Darkness in the morning." He said.

She didn't answer... she'd fallen asleep in his arms. He closed his eyes and
drifted off to sleep, also.


Rose awoke in the backseat of her car to the smell of coffee and bacon. The
bright sunshine in her eyes, and the crisp Northumberland breeze coming in
the open window.


"Wake up, sleepyhead... do you take cream and sugar in your coffee?" Bart
called to her.

"I don't drink coffee. I can't drink caffeine."

"I saw a cow pasture down the road a bit... shall I fetch some milk?" Bart

"No, I have a cooler in the trunk, with water..." Rose sleepily answered.

"Yeah, that's where I got the water for the coffee... luckily, the farmer
down the way sold me some eggs, bacon and coffee... and let me borrow the
coffee pot... not everyone in Northumbria is unfriendly... so far, there's
the farmer, and you." Bart proclaimed.

"Oh that must have been Farmer Jack... he's a sweetheart. I'll have some
eggs and bacon... with some milk. " Rose said.

"Ok, here ya go" said Bart.

Rose ate her breakfast with delight, not having expected it.

Bart lit a smoke with his coffee.

"So... you're not from here, either, are you, Rose? How did you wind up here
in Northumbria?"

"I came from France... didn't much like it there... but love it here. The
townsfolk were leary at first but eventually gave in to my charming

"I like it here, too. I suppose we'd better get going to see Madame
Darkness... lead the way, m'lady."

Bart stood up, and stretched. The injury to his leg last year had completely
healed, but there was still stiffness and pain in the chill morning.

Off they went to Madame Darkness's place, which was set off in the woods
behind the bar where the two "met" the night before. They had to travel down
a dark dirt road with tall oak trees on both sides keeping the light of the
morning from shining through.

The house was nothing more than a rickety old shack. The wood was rotting
and needed to be replaced and some of the window panes had been busted and
replaced with cardboard. But this is where she dwelled, so this is where
they had to go.

Rose knocked on the door, patiently waiting for Madame Darkness to answer.
She answered after 5 minutes of incessant knocking.

"May I help you Rose?" she asked rudely.

"Sorry to disturb you Madame, but you seem to know this area better than I
and my friend here is looking for ole Scotty. We think he might be hiding in
a cave somewhere here in town. Do you know of any?" Rose asked.

"Why yes... give me a few minutes to freshen up and I'll be glad to help
you. I'm sorry for my rudeness earlier, I was just annoyed by the incessant
knocking." Madame Darkness replied.

Madame Darkness was a tall old woman with long gray hair and dressed in a
thick black cloak, under which she always wore a thin black dress. This is
how she deemed the name "Madame Darkness." She was always "Dark." In her
younger years she had black hair and blue eyes... now her eyes were pale.

She came back to the door wearing the same clothing as before, looking the
exact same as before. Nobody would have noticed any "freshening up" on her

Rose let Madame Darkness drive the Mustang and she led the way to all the
local caves...

"You right bastards! Unlock this door!" Scotty screamed as he pounded on the
heavy wooden door. He seemed to be locked in a cellar of some sort, dank and
chilled. This is where he woke up, without a real clue where he was or why
he was here.

He remembered the two tall men in black who'd surprised him at his home, and
knocked him unconcious... but that was all.

"What the bloody Hell am I doing here? I gave all this cloak and daggar
stuff when I retired from the Senior Service... "

"Madame Darkness, can you unlock this door? We don't have a key... you're
the witch of the group... please try casting a spell to let him out." Rose

Stickdevil stuck his head out of Bart's shirt pocket.

"Of course! Stickdevil can crawl into the keyhole and trip the lock!"

"Ok unlock the door then, let Scotty out!" Rose ordered.

Stickdevil unlocked the heavy wooden door and Feardevil opened the door to
let Scotty out. Scotty was tall, dark, and handsome. He had brown hair and
brown eyes with gold specs in them. He was muscular but had loving arms.

When he saw Rose his heart skipped a beat, or two. Her long blond hair and
blue eyes mystified him. He couldn't help but wrap his arms around her in a
long passionate kiss.

Although he had only just met her the night before, Bart felt a twinge of

Noticing Bart's jealousy, Scotty pulls away for a moment... but cannot
resist another long passionate kiss with Rose.

"Scotty, are you aware of why I came for you?" Bart asked.

Scotty pulled away from the passionate kiss and said "No, I have no clue why
you're here... or why my beautiful Rosalie is here. Rosalie I am so sorry
for the things I have done to you in the past. I can only hope you will
forgive me." He proceeded to give her another passionate kiss.

"I think you two should have some time alone together... rose, I'll take
Madame Darkness home and check out a few leads while you two are catching up
on lost time... let me borrow your car keys, Rose?"

"Sure..." Rose pulled herself away from Scotty's kisses to answer. Madame
Darkness tsked them... Scotty was unbuttoning her blouse as Feardevil and
the Madame left the room.

As they roared down the narrow one lane road, Madame Darkness peered at the

"I sense you have many secrets... but not as much as the man you think I
your friend, back there..." She said.

"I have a few... what can you tell me about Scotty? He's hiding something,
you think?"

"Oh he's definitely hiding something... he wasn't TRAPPED in that Cave... he
chose to be there. He was there for a reason... and he meant for you to find
him, you and Rose that is. What he's hiding I cannot forsee..." Madame
Darkness states.

"I see." says Feardevil.

They continue on back to Madame Darkness's house, Feardevil drops off Madame
Darkness with great thanks for her help and kindness, and then heads back to
the cave to find...

Scotty gone again, and Rose, naked, and unconcious!

Bart quickly wrapped Rose in a blanket, and carried her to the car, and
drove off, wondering what in the world happed.

Rose began to regain conciousness...

"Wh- what happened? I was making love with Scotty on the cave floor, when I
looked up... standing behind Scotty and me were two tall men in black suits.
They quickly injected us with something and I passed out... where's Scotty?"
She slowly spoke, still feeling the effects of the knock out drug.

"He's gone, evidently, they got him this time. We're heading right back to
Madame Darkness' to see what she can tell us... and maybe she'll lend you
some clothing."

"We can stop by my apartment, my husband will be at work by now..."

They stopped by Rose's apartment and Rose got some clothes on and they then
headed for Madame Darkness's house, yet again.

They told her the story of what happened and asked what to do...

Madame Darkness said "I knew something bad was going to happen to somebody
but couldn't place who it was going to happen to... I didn't get the feeling
until I had been home a while..."

"Yeah, the stuff rubs some people the wrong way..." Bart agreed.

Bart and Rose thanked Madame Darkness, and rode off, stopping at the bar
they'd become friends in, to drink and plan what moves to make next.

"What now, Starry Eyes?"

"I dunno... I was hoping you'd tell me."

"Well, first things first... I think I may need to call in some help, since
obviously Scotty's flaked out, and I can't make sense of even which side
he's on, right now... how much do you know of Scotty's past, Rose..? Like,
do you know his real age..?"

"He's 43." Rose answered. "I don't know much about his past except what
happened with me."

"He looks 43. Do you want some truth about Scotty... some of which I feel
you already know..?" Bart questioned, then took a sip of his beer to give
her a second to reply.

"Yes, of course." Rose answered... her spellbinding green eyes cutting
straight to his soul.

"He's a Reptilian... and at *least* 1000 years old... one of the earlier
residents of Northumberland."


Feardevil: Incident In Northumbria

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