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PostPosted: 22 Jun 2003 15:49    Post subject: Young Melbourne Wanker seeks Woman Reply with quote

Although this approach is almost definately going to fail (and earn me hate mail and
baiting), I'm going to lay my cards on the table for, if anything, your reading pleasure.

I'm a 20 year old guy, uni student, virgin. I'm definately not unattractive or undatable.
I guess I've always been too much the nice sexually non threatning guy who attempts to
date female friends and gets knocked back because the girl has no intention of being
anything more than friends. I've been told that I'm the type of guy who'll make a great
husband. The bad thing is that I have no intention of marrying within the next ten years
and nothing to alleviate my sexual needs other than my hand.

Eeep!.. that was a tad glossed over.. makes me look like much more of a wanker.. I'll try

I'm 6'1" (186cm) and 90kg.. which makes me about 10 kilos overweight.. so I have bitch
tits, a tire and a flabby bum.. the good news is though that I can see my genitals without
obstruction and I have a decent amount of muscle so I don't look hideous naked. I'm a
geek, and I honestly prefer playing computer games than going to night clubs. I have
facial hair. A well groomed moustache and goatie a la current hollywood trend albeit, but
it's probably something that is totally repulsive to all women.. I think it looks cool

If you can see a sexual partner through all of that, then you're probably well described
by the d-word (err.. we'll say in need of sexual attention).. but that's okay because so
am I..

What I'm after? Someone relatively close to the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. A
woman who can host our sexual encounters (I'm living with family). Other than that you're
virtually guarenteed sex.

My philosophy on sex? I value the pleasure of a woman more highly than my own. I believe
in open and fun communication during sex. I believe sex is mutually gratifying, free, and
good for the body and mind (what a guru I am.... .... =P).. basically I want to learn how
to get you off better than anything or anyone will ever do.. I guess I'm open minded
(whatever that means) but I'm not into giving or receiving pain, compromising my anal
virginity, or any form of submission/degradation.. What I do like is sex in every
position, laughing, and a whole lot of fun and pleasure.

if you happen to be concerned about penis size I'm just a bit over 7 inches with a decent

Sorry about the essay.. hope i didn't freak you out or bore you too much.. have fun and
drop me an email at mercury_92@hotmail.com if you are interested or want to abuse me
(which I'd find pretty funny)..


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