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Paul Pitts

PostPosted: 27 Dec 2002 11:24    Post subject: Video compression Reply with quote

I have A Sony TRV 340 camcorder and a Sony PCG GRX 560 laptop. When transferring video
using DV Gate, I find that about 3 minutes of tape turns into 650 mb. From other CD's I've
viewed, I know it's possible to put at least an hour and a half of tape on them. What do I
need to do to place a one hour tape onto one CD? Other programs I have are Adobe Premier,
Pixela Image Mixer, Smart Capture, Screenblast, and Movie Shaker. Will any of these
programs better maximize space while retaining video quality? Thank You

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PostPosted: 25 Jan 2003 06:38    Post subject: Re: Video compression Reply with quote

Go here..


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PostPosted: 23 May 2003 05:02    Post subject: Re: Video compression Reply with quote

Remember that when you import video via firewire, the compression will be the same as the
compression on the tape itself. In this aspect, the video footage will take up approx 13GB
per hour of footage. You can work with this footage, assuming your hard drive size can
sustain it, and when you're finished with the product in its full quality, you can export
the project in a compressed format, such as a mpeg .avi or even a DivX encoded file if you
get the codec and serial to do so.

I recommend using the full-quality video to work with initially and then export to
whatever compression setting you need. I'm still toying around with different export
options to see what works best, but if anyone has any good ideas for what exports at good
quality from Adobe Premier or EditDV 2.0 (old, I know, but it does what I need), please
let me know!

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 05:38    Post subject: Re: Video compression Reply with quote

i make 3d animations and understand the huge file sise problem, i suggest that you burn a
uncompressed version iether to tape, or dvd data, this way you will always hav a back up,
if it doesnt fit onto disc then chop it up make note of frames !, but another way to
reduce file sise once you hav your master safe, is to use macromedia flash, compress to
iether fla or swf, this will reduce say about 2 gigs into much less than 100mb, and as you
say there is a compromise between quality and sise, up to 550/400 is pretty good, at
720/576 it starts to pixelate, in scenes that are less defined !!!, but i think the best
rule is to keep a none compressed master that way you can always make it smaller if its
needed for web applications or projecting or mpeg 2 for tv,
if ya wanna know what i mean hav a look at this animation
each clip is around 2gigs, so the whole vid is very large but on the web as fla is about
enjoy the film
and i hope this may hav helped you ??.

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