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PostPosted: 27 Jul 2002 16:42    Post subject: wanna be beginner Reply with quote

hey...i was wondering if there was any one out there that could help a girrlee out who
wants to get into vjing. i have 2 demo progs 'vjamm' and the other i can't remember off
hand @ thee moment. i guess first i need to know what progs i will need, to aquire the
stepping stones to thee road i would like to see. And maybe thee basic equipment nessesary
to do some video mixing. i'm new to all this, and would like to every thing there is to
posibly know. so if theres any one out threre kind enough to direct me to the world of
knowledge about vj stuff pah-lease do.

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PostPosted: 08 Dec 2006 05:49    Post subject: Re: wanna be beginner Reply with quote

mmm, ok if you onyl hav some vid mixing software so far i suggest that you get yer self a
copy of after effects, premiere pro or 6.5, photoshop, macromedia flash, maya unlimited,
3ds max, maxon 4d, avid xsi, but in a nut shell flash is important to you so you can
compress your vidio data small enouph to mix several layers at once unless you hav a very
powerfull cpu ?, maya unlimited is about the best 3d software out there, after effects is
great with plugins for 2d back round stuff, premiere is good for pre beatmixing vidio, and
in my opinion avid express is over standardised, but ill let you decide, these wares
should keep you busy for the next ohh 3 years or so
hope i helped,
oh yes as a pointer for you go to
the egek film was made mainly useing maya, but some bits are max too, edited in premiere
6.5, and compressed with flash, and posted to the web with macromedia dreamweaver.

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