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Danny C. Sillada

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2008 22:00    Post subject: A Book Review on Filipino Author by Danny SilladaSURVIVAL: Unleash Your Inner Survivor (Your Guide to Life)

A Book Review on Filipino Author by Danny Sillada

BOOK TITLE: Unleash Your Inner Survivor (Your Guide to Life)
AUTHOR: Genevieve Viva Andrada
NUMBER OF PAGES: 260 pages
PUBLISHER: Atlas Publishing Co., Inc., Philippines
PRICE: PHP 275.00

On page 233 of the book Survival, under a section What other nations say about Philippines, a Hong Kong expat named Frank Cancelloni related his first impression of Filipinos as domestic helpers or singers abroad. He even had a part-time Filipina maid who came to his apartment few times a week.

One day, he went home early and he was surprised to see his Filipina maid sitting on his desk flipping through his books from school.

What are you doing with those books? asked Frank in a cynical manner.

I used to be a professor in mathematics and physics at the University of the Philippines before I came to Hong Kong, said the Filipina maid in a nonchalant manner.

But why a domestic helper in Hong Kong? asked Frank embarrassingly.

Because I earned three times more money as a domestic helper than as a professor in the Philippines, responded the Filipina maid in a sad voice.

Frank was stupefied; he couldnt speak a single word!

Since then, his perception of Filipinos had changed because of high-level education of the Filipinos and their humility, sacrifice, perseverance and the capability to survive and adapt to any culture just to earn a living and fulfill their dreams for their respective families back home.

This is only one account among the compendiums of real life stories, anecdotes, and inspirational quotes from actor to visual artist, from politician to make-up artist along with the authors rousing poems, photographs and insightful self-help guide to survival essays.

Written in simple words, but woven in elegant style, the authors passion and dedication to inspire both the young and the old alike is teeming throughout the pages of the book. Her honest, vivacious and youthful character reflects in every page of Survival as though she was just having a private conversation with her reader.

Indeed, the book is the first ever written comprehensive guide to "survival" by a Filipina writer written for contemporary Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike, a handy guide to journey in finding meaning in ones existence and with others.

One compelling statement from the authors essay on Making a Difference touches on how our little act of kindness and gesture to help others can make a difference in ones life when she said, When you believe in something bigger than yourself, you gain morale, motivation and momentum to create change that will benefit others. A little thing you do today can be big to others tomorrow

The book is not simply a self-help guide, but it also explores how to unleash ones power, inner freedom, and creativity as a survivor amid the complexities of the modern world.

A successful entrepreneur and writer, Genevieve Viva Andrada is one of the founders of F*ART or Fashion and Art that inspires and provides a place for young and emerging Filipino visual artists and fashion designers to showcase their talents and highly creative works, and has also become a regular venue for performance art, music, spoken word and performed poetry.

The author obtained her three degrees on Radio Broadcasting in Toronto, Canada, and her Mass Communication and Master in Entrepreneurship in the Philippines.

To sum, What do actors, journalists, beauty queens, singers, dancers, students, doctors, lawyers, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, teachers, priests, nuns, leaders have in common? What do we all have in common?

We all have one life to live and we all can learn from each other, thus, says the author.

The book SURVIVAL: Unleash Your Inner Survivor is already available at the local bookstore.

Danny C. Sillada

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