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BEATNIK Interview " Puzzle Project '6th Birthday' "
30th September 2011

This month as PUZZLE PROJECT reaches the grand old age of 6; we have a seriously special
guest for your aural pleasure!

A true UK Psychedelic Trance producer that almost needs no introduction....
LIQUID RECORDS 'golden boy' the hugely energetic

With releases on such labels as LIQUID,
DACRU and NANO Recs and even a
track featured on John 00 Fleming's 'Psy Trance Euphoria - Vol
; with performances just about everywhere; including SYNERGY
it's certainly not going too badly for the 23 year old!

Puzzle Project Resident ANDI LEPPARD caught up with
BEATNIK before this coming months 6th Birthday edition of
Puzzle Project @ the 414 club in Brixton on Friday 30th September 2011, to discuss all
things Psychedelic and err Wham................

So Mr BeatNik, hows tricks??
Well " my sleight of hand is pretty good: I'm alright with cards and coins, but I can't
seem to get the audience for my close up magic. Aside from that tricks are currently top
banana! I'm having a particularly musically productive time at the moment and I am as a
result quite tired after some marathon studio sessions.

Could you tell us a brief bit about the music you play & how you got
involved with the Psychedelic Trance scene??

The music that I make and play is, effectively, the music that I want to dance to that
hasn't existed yet " I think that's probably why I don't exactly stand still when I'm
playing! In the end, psytrance is dance music, and if people aren't dancing you're doing
something wrong. With that in mind I think I probably cater more for the dancefloor
stompers than the back-row beard-strokers.

I got involved in the psytrance scene in a surprisingly nave way. I heard, as a recent
teenager, (I was 13 at the time) Infected Mushroom's BP Empire during a visit to Sweden
exclaimed something like: "This is like Eurotrance " but SO much better."
Four years on and I'd immersed myself in the music and the making of it and, in a very
optimistic and perhaps retro way, sent a demo off to Nano who liked one of my tracks and
released it. Cue my entry into the scene!

Prior to being associated with Psychedelic Trance culture, what music were
you interested in and how has this influenced what you do now??

I think my taste in music has always been eclectic and quite non-prejudiced. Primarily,
however, I guess I was involved with classical music: I was lucky to have received a music
scholarship to my school, and with that came the chance to study composition and various
instruments " which I did. Although I won't deny that the liberation of making music
electronically was massively alluring and gradually took over.
I also loved pretty much all dance music. From the flying rhino releases to the emergence
of the UK garage scene (I recently discovered during a nostalgic music listening session
with Mood Deluxe that I still remember many of the lyrics off by heart! - embarassing.)

Unless you've been crying under Michael Jackson's bed, its common knowledge
these days that BEATNIK is pretty well connected with many major events in the UK and
Worldwide Psychedelic Trance scene!! How is it all going and please share with us some of
the highlights??

It's all going quite well at the moment. Last year, my time was consumed by books as I
decided to study intensively for a year. As a result I was unfortunately less able to
perform as much as I wanted to. In fact, I was unable to play at this years Glade due to
it falling perfectly in the centre of my two weeks of final exams! In any case " this
year is different. I am really excited about immersing myself in music for a while, of all
different genres too, and getting back to gigging!
Some highlights... hmm:
1. Playing in the north of Brazil was incredible " particularly performing from a stage
shaped like a Mayan temple, watching as people danced on the sand and in the water as the
sun set.
2. My first ever Live Set at the Synergy project was a moment I can never forget, and
still a highlight of my life as a whole. I was so nervous the whole week before that I
could hardly talk.

As mentioned earlier you have performed at both GLADE and WAVEFORM festivals
in the past (lucky you), please tell us how you got involved and share some key

I got involved via Ross (the eponymous Liquid Ross that is). Both festivals have always
been fantastic fun. I particularly enjoyed playing on the Origin Stage at Glade when the
sound-system malfunctioned, and as it and I reset and started again it was (at least in my
opinion) the only time ever that I could get away with doing a DnB style rewind in a
trance set. So I did, and it seemed to go off on floor!

I first came across your sounds on New Year's Eve 2007 / 2008 when I DJ'ed
straight after you at Tribe of Frog in Bristol! How have your sounds changed / evolved
since that time nearly 4 years ago??

Well " musically and technically I hope I have improved.
Technically is easier for me to assess as it is more objectively quantifiable as such "
I definitely feel now that engineering my music to a level where it sounds good on a rig
is quicker and the quality of the technology used both in the studio and for the
sound-systems has added significantly to this.
Musically however, I can't assess to the same extent. My aim is still to make an eclectic,
distinctive style of psytrance which is dancefloor focused, but I feel that recently I am
experimenting far more with the inclusion of elements and techniques of other styles of
current dance music into my psytrance tracks in a subtler way, which is exciting!

Everyone (I think) bought a copy of your 'Function Creep' EP on LIQUID Recs
in 2010 which went down a treat. Are you anticipating on releasing a full BEATNIK album in
the future?

A full album is definitely on the cards " prior to that there will be another EP which
is all quite exciting.

Tell us about your involvement with LIQUID RECORDS and the infamous LIQUID

Well " Liquid records and Liquid Ross have been there with me from the very start.
Liquid Ross (the only person I know who is actually capable of teleportation by the way)
has been a great friend, party buddy, and professional colleague over the last years.
Although he has tried on numerous occasions to pull my trousers down whilst I've been
playing. He also once told me, just before a DJ set (in which I was planning on playing
some of my own unreleased music) that none of the CDJs were playing burned CDs " only
pressed CDs would work. Cue me running around for 10 minutes frantically trying to borrow
some extra CDs and tracks.
Suffice to say it was all a joke at my expense. Grrrr.... I'll get him back for that one

Last time I saw you perform was either at ILLUMINAUGHTY in Manchester last
October 2010 or at HALCYON in London earlier this year.. Have you got any further gigs at
these events and how are this autumns bookings looking ??

Currently bookings are looking quite busy. Aside from Puzzle project (which I am looking
forward to immensely!) I am playing at Tribe of Frog, and then in France in a few weeks
time. I have some other gigs in the pipeline following that and some further gigs planned
for around the festive season and early next year in " perhaps " more tropical
locations. We shall see eh!

***** Now its time for the quick fire round where you get to answers to the
questions that we ALL need to know the answers to! Here we go*****

If you could perform anywhere, what location would you chose?
Glastonbury pyramid stage " with the Glastonbury crowd " but on a Brazilian beach.

You have two options for a 'meaningful evening'. Kate Moss on fire and
beyond repair or Cheryl Cole who has just come back from the Far East and is now Mr Cheryl
Cole? The choice is yours?

Both " at the same time " for an evening I'd never forget.

Favourite poison?
If anyone buys me a shot of Jaeger whilst I'm playing (not one of those disgusting things
mixed with energy drink though " yuk) I will dedicate my set to them and buy them
flowers. Otherwise I like getting back to my Swedish roots and drinking some Aquavit.

You regain consciousness and you find yourself performing on the beach in
Brighton (Norman Cook stylee)!! The only issue is you are butt naked and the only two
tunes you have left (for some reason) are Bronski Beat 'Small Town Boy' and Wham 'Wake Me
Up Before You Go Go'!! What do you do ???

I would, first of all, capitalise on the nakedness and become a celebrity " like
Paris Hilton!! (Surely everyone who gets naked now becomes, at least, a b-lister).
In any case I'm not surprised that Bronski and Wham are the only tunes that I have left
though " as they are both currently in my record bag anyway.
I think I'd do a series of mashups though:
"run away turn away run away like a yo yo"
"Always a lonely boy/cuddle up baby, move in tight/you were the one/they can dance we'll
stay home instead"
Aaah so poignant.

Marmite! Love it or hate it?
Errr.... it's alright I guess.

You're in a pub somewhere in Africa, and a group of angry looking Gorillas
are staring at your missus; how would you sort them out?

It is a well known fact that angry Gorillas can be reasoned with using logical
well-structured argument and in fact this exact scenario happened a few years ago:
I began by explaining the functioning of human relationships and innate instincts toward
possessiveness and protection that being in a relationship reveal. Then explained how
their staring at my one-and-only was engaging with these natural responses and how I was
theoretically be teetering on the cusp of some physical aggression.
A few hours later I was attempting to reassemble my face and searching for a wayward

Top 3 current tunes?
Earthling v Touch Tone " Dial 8 (Out soon on Spun)
Bronski Beat " Smalltown Boy
Wham " Wake me up before you go go.

And finally citric acid or liquid acid?
Citric every time " I just can't get enough of that sweet sweet sourness.

Mr BEATNIK many thanks for taking time out of your hectic schedule to answer
all these important questions! Keep up the good work and see you out and about


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