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PostPosted: 16 Oct 2008 12:30    Post subject: The Bulgarian "Air Bounce EP" -Out now! Reply with quote

Original tracks: The Bulgarian
Tracks: Air Bounce (Original Mix) - Drop Down (Original Mix)
Remix: Air Bounce (Nick Supply Remix)

Available for purchase at:

- Exclusive for first 4 weeks from 10/06/08 til 11/06/08
www.stompy.com -
Available 09/8/08

- Available 09/8/08
www.djdownload.com -
Available 09/8/08

View video previews at:

"Air Bounce" (Original Mix):
view on

"Air Bounce" (Nick Supply
Remix): view on

"Drop Down" (Original Mix):
view on

THE BULGARIAN (Bulgaria) Potty Mouth Music -

The Bulgarian is the business of dropping big beats, both on and off the Potty Mouth Music
roster. With a production career that spans more than 10 years, his first release as The
Bulgarian in December 2006 quickly became a best seller for the Second Session label on
djdownload.com. Since then, hes taken his bass-heavy, fidget house sound to some of the
most respected artists in the business.

The Bulgarians road to success began 10 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, he
discovered his passion for making music in his computer. In 2003, he volunteered to help
out at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town, where he immersed himself in
varied genres of electronic music. With his new exposure, The Bulgarian ditched his dnb
sound to open up a music studio. After two-and-a-half years of moderate success and a
European holiday packed with inspiration, the aspiring producer decided it was time to
shake things up by focusing on his productions"and thus was born "The Bulgarian".

The success of his Second Session release as The Bulgarian, led him to him signing an EP
onto Londons On the Brink Recordings. Additionally, the glitch-heavy remix of the
original Troydon track I Wanna Tell Ya continues to haunt club audiences with its
hollow vocals backed by his relentless reworked bass.

The Bulgarians artistic inspiration carries over into production work as Mr.Elastik, a
more minimal-inspired sound with a techno make-up. He also collaborates with his former
studio partner as Tone Deaf Junkies, who released their debut album last year. Its
eclectic electronic style ranges from glitch to electrostep dnb, along with a new
self-dubbed sound The Bulgarian calls Kwaitech. Its a tech derivative of South
Africas native Kwaito sound, he says.

In addition to his success in the studio, The Bulgarian has held numerous club
residencies, including Voltage in Cape Town and Homegrown at Mercury Live. In May 2007, he
was featured on Andy Macs prestigious Cream Radio show, where he joined the mixing
ranks of some of the worlds most acclaimed DJs and producers. His self-recorded
Slutty Fringe Selection mix also enjoyed a 7,000 downloads in its first two weeks as
an internet blog release.

The Bulgarian finds a place on the Potty Mouth Roster with help from his unconventional
thump-and-bump sound. Using elements of glitch, sleaze and tech, The Bulgarian
deconstructs conventional house and remasters the beats with what he calls mad

I bring a unique kind of mental craziness to the sound with lots of big bass and hungry
energy, he says.

Its fidget house that buzzes as loudly as the peak-hour dance floor.


Here For Direct Link to Chart on Beatoprt

1 Human Resource / Dominator / The Bulgarian Remix / Crux Records
2 Dj Fame, Santiago & Bushido / For the People / HiJack Mix / Potty Mouth Music
3 Jelo / Can I Get Loud / Stupid Fresh Mix / Donald Glaude's Records
4 Vlad Sokolov / Acid for Drains / The Bulgarian Remix / Sokolov Sounds
5 Jake Childs / Tilt Me ft. Morning Star / KiNK Mix / Uniform Recordings
6 Mr Elastik / Justice / Original / Sokolov Sounds
7 WoNk / Jack the Technique / Original / Direct Drive Digital
8 The Bulgarian / Jack it Like a Zombie / Original / Potty Mouth Music
9 Dafluke / Date With Dora / Original / Complot Records
10 Klaus Hill / Dirt Driver / Heavy Feet Mix / Potty Mouth Music


PMM-016 - "WE CAN PLAY EP" - November 17, 2008
Original tracks by: Chris James & Lee Dearn
Tracks: Torcida Cumbia, Panic at the Bar Mitzvah, The Concept of Dancing
Remix by: Mightyfools (Torcida Cumbia)

PMM-015 - "TIME FOR TIME OUT EP" - October 27, 2008
Original tracks by: Pette Vaydex
Tracks: My Orange Vacuum Cleaner, Hairy Lips ft Short Texas
Remix by: Rockwell D (My Orange Vacuum Cleaner)


PMM-014 - "AIR BOUNCE EP" - October 2008
Original tracks by: The Bulgarian
Tracks: Air Bounce, Drop Down
Remix by: Nick Supply Remix (Air Bounce)

PMM-013 - "WHO DA FOOL EP" - August 2008
Original tracks by: Mightyfools
Tracks: Hey Babe, We Want
Remix by: Electric Soulside (Hey Babe)

PMM-012 - "DISCO EP" - August 2008
Original tracks by: Adam Bozzetto
Tracks: Disco, I Can't Stop
Remix by: Andy George & Scott Cooper (I Can't Stop)

PMM-011 - "DIRT DIVER EP" - July 2008
Original tracks by: Klaus Hill
Tracks: Dirt Diver (Original), Microphone Check (Original)
Remix by: HeavyFeet (Dirt Diver)

PMM-010 - "FOR THE PEOPLE EP" - September 2008
Original tracks by: Santiago & Bushido vs Dj Fame
Track: For The People
Remix by: HiJack (For The People)

PMM-009 - "KINKY EP" - June 2008
Original tracks by: Electric Soulside
Tracks: Kinky Girl (Original), Black Porsche (Original Mix),
Black Porsche (Fidget Rub Dub)
Remix by: Adam Bozzetto (Kinky Girl)

PMM-008 - "COOPER & GEORGE EP" - July 2008
Original tracks by: Andy George & Scott Cooper
Tracks: Piano Man (Original), Jump & Twist (Original)
Remix by: Klaus Hill (Piano Man)

Original tracks by: Cops & Robbers
Tracks: Maximilian, Full Throttle

PMM-006 - "SICK LIKE THAT EP" March 2008
Original tracks by: Heavy Feet
Tracks: Sick Like That
Remix: Santiago & Bushido (Sick Like That)

PMM-005 - "JACKPOT EP" February 2008
Original tracks by: HiJack
Tracks: Party People, Possessed, Shimmy
Remix: DJ Fame (Party People)

PMM-004 - "FOR WHAT EP" January 2008
Original tracks by: Santaigo & Bushido
Tracks: For What, Got That, Head Trick
Remix by: The Bulgarian (For What)

PMM-003 - "ZOMBIE DOOR EP" November 2007
Original tracks by: The Bulgarian
Tracks: The Zombie Door, Into The Groove, Listen Man
Remix by: Santiago & Bushido (The Zombie Door)

PMM-002 - "GHETTO DAYZ EP" October 2007
Original tracks by: Dj Fame
Tracks: Anutha Day In Da Ghetto,
Thats How People Get, All She Wants To Do
Remixes by: The Bulgarian (Anutha Day In Da Ghetto)

PMM-001 - "MASSIVE EP" September 2007
Original tracks by: The Crookers
Tracks: Massive, Disco Fidget, Bumble Bees
Remix by: Magik J (Massive)



Screw soap the mouth; the brand of jack that defines Chicago's new-school house sound gets
a tech-heavy makeover from the talent roster of Potty Mouth Music. Inspired by the dirty
glitch twists of fidget house producers such as Switch, Trevor Loveys and Jesse Rose,
Potty Mouth ditches conventional house boundaries, imploring turntable trickery,
unconventional loops and straight up techno into its catalogue of tracks. Chicago-based
label head James Amato keeps house-heavy influences in place and lacing them with the kind
of dirty glitch that makes it feel so good to be so bad. Potty Mouth's artists include The
Crookers (Italy), Santiago & Bushido (Chicago), HiJack (England), DJ Fame (New York), The
Bulgarian (England), HeavyFeet (UK), Cops & Robbers (Chicago), Electric Soulside
(Belgium), Andy George (UK), Scott Cooper (UK), Mightyfools (Netherlands), Adam Bozzetto
(Australia) + Many more coming soon!

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