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PostPosted: 20 Sep 2008 11:04    Post subject: Santiago & Bushido vs Dj Fame "For The People EP" -Out now! Reply with quote

Original track by: Santiago & Bushido + Dj Fame
Track: For the People (Original Mix)
Remix: For the People (HiJack Remix)

Available for purchase at:

- Exclusive for first 4 weeks from 09/15/08 til 10/13/08
www.stompy.com -
Available 09/8/08

- Available 09/8/08
www.djdownload.com -
Available 09/8/08

View video previews at:

"For the People" (Original Mix):
view on

"For The People" (HiJack
Remix): view on

SANTIAGO & BUSHIDO (Chicago) Potty Mouth Music -

With their blend of big basslines and vocals, Santiago & Bushido are a filthy addition the
Potty Mouth Music roster. Since teaming up as a production duo in 2001, Chris Santiago and
Tim Bushido have elevated the art of electronic jack to encompass many influences, from
the hard hitting to the deep and soulful.

At the core of Santiago & Bushidos sound lays the forward thinking, funk-tech that has
given them critical moxie in Chicago and beyond. As products of the mid 90s rave scene,
the DJ/producers grew up immersed in a community that they would soon become their
professional careers. Bushido picked up djing at an early age and got deep into the art of
production. Experimenting with hip hop at the start, he slowly ebbed into house
production, thanks in part to his work at Chicago Recording Company. Sharing the same
recording space with the likes of R.Kelly and Smashing Pumpkins, Bushido honed his
engineering and production prowess until opportunity knocked.

As producers, Santiago & Bushido draw influences from their straight house background and
apply harder and heavier elements to the sound. We get really deep into the tracks
were producing, flip them and cut them in so many different ways, all to get the
heaviest groove possible, Bushido says. Since collaborating, they have dropped numerous
EPs and remixes on some of House Musics most well respected label including Robsoul,
Control Recordings and Black Cherry, to name a few. The duos smash release What Your
Name? on Robsoul continues to enjoy heavy rotation on the global house scene.

In addition to their Potty Mouth debut, the duo recently finished work on Colettes new
album Push, slated for August release on OM Records. They wrote and produced the
albums second slotted single, If, which they also remixed for a separate release.
Already generating a buzz in the house community, If also features its own music
video which will align with the release.

Santiago & Bushidos recent inclusion in the Potty Mouth family aligns with the duos
production and performance philosophies. One thing about us is were not afraid to do
a deep track or a totally hardcore trackas long as it works on the dance floor and is
pushing the sound forward, it works for us. Given the tech-funk inflection of their
forthcoming release, the nastier the duo delves, the better they beat.


1 Hatiras / Tom Le Douche / Original Mix / Hatrax Records
2 Lennie de Ice / We are I.E. / Hijack Remix / Y4K
3 Rune RK & Owen / Kosimo / Original Mix / Toolroom
4 Santiago & Bushido w/ DJ Fame / For The People / Original Mix / Potty Mouth
5 Phil Kieran / Wasps Under A Toy Boat / Original Mix / Cocoon Recordings
6 Sepalot / Go Get It feat. Ladi6 / Zed Bias Club Mix / Compost
7 Tonka / Orca / Original Mix / Great Stuff
8 House of Stank / Make U Jack / Santiago & Bushido Mix / Dust Traxx
9 Mightyfools / Hey Babe / Original Mix / Potty Mouth
10 Alan Braxe / Addicted / Original Mix / Eye Industries

DJ FAME (Chicago) Potty Mouth Music -

DJ Fames electro and tech house influences find an easy fit among the artists on Potty
Mouth Music. As a DJ, Fames intense cuts, crazy loops and live turntablism have
reinvented movement on the dance floor. As a producer, Fame has earned his way onto the
genres premiere labels, including the UK-based Dubsided. Staking claim as the only
American producer on the roster, Fames title track of the EP Name It X has made
it to the crates of Richie Hawtin, Jess Rose, Jimpster and Switch, among others. In
addition to his success in and out of the studio, Fame has held down several New York
residencies including his flagship residency at Sullivan Room, which began in 2003. During
his tenure, he released his first compilation for the club, Sullivan Room Volume 1.

Fame has been making the masses wiggle and bounce for more than 12 years. His seemingly
electric energy on the decks matches the tone of his original tracks. Electro, jacking,
techy, funky"nothing is off limits for Fame, who has taken his sound to across Europe,
the UK, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and even as far as Russia. Fames brash sound and
on-the-fly loops have made him one of the most exciting DJs to hit the global tech house
scene in the past decade.

Aside from his recent Potty Mouth releases, Fame has spent the past few years working on
originals and remixes for NOSI Music, Inuendo and Dusk. In early 2006, he first
collaborated with Gaby Dershin (one-half of Bedrock artist Astro&Glyde) on a project
called, Bit Crushers. The production duos first few tracks earned them two slots on the
Balance Record Pool June 2007 chart. Love Takes So Long and Sick Thing to Do
each ranked, along with enjoying air time from DeepDish, John Digweed and Lee Cabrera.

The ongoing vibe at The Review, a regular event hosted by Fame, has become a seminal
spot for the New York tech house scene since 2004. I consider my tracks to have a
jackin, electro bump to them always with a taste of funkiness to keep the heads
boppin. I write specifically with the dance floor in mind, he says.

With the bass, hints of NYC techiness emerge, along with hip hop samples and a funky
bounce that demands a little wiggle room.


01. Jesse Rose & Herve / Wind It Up / Original / Made to Play
02. Sawtooth Sucka / Radio Check / Original / Dotbleep
03. Bit Crushers / Wanna Ride / DJ Fame Mix / Seven Limited Records
04. LouLou Players & Sharam Jay / Keeps / Original Mix / King Kong Records
05. Blatta & Inesha / Blow Up ft Ask / Hijack Remix / Montra Vibes
06. Rene Van Munster / Phonesmack / Riva Star Remix / Secure Recordings
07. Adam Bozzetto / I Cant Go ft Killa B / Scott Cooper Remix / Potty Mouth
08. Vlad Sokolov / Acid for Drains / The Bulgarian Remix / Sokolov Sounds
09. Debra Dolce / Goodies / ZCs Dolce Remix / Coco Machete Records
10. Fine Cut Bodies / Beaver Blink / Zodiac Cartel Remix / Chi Recordings


PMM-013 - "WHO DA FOOL EP" - August 2008
Original tracks by: Mightyfools
Tracks: Hey Babe, We Want
Remix by: Electric Soulside (Hey Babe)

PMM-012 - "DISCO EP" - August 2008
Original tracks by: Adam Bozzetto
Tracks: Disco, I Can't Stop
Remix by: Andy George & Scott Cooper (I Can't Stop)

PMM-011 - "DIRT DIVER EP" - July 2008
Original tracks by: Klaus Hill
Tracks: Dirt Diver (Original), Microphone Check (Original)
Remix by: HeavyFeet (Dirt Diver)

PMM-010 - "FOR THE PEOPLE EP" - September 2008
Original tracks by: Santiago & Bushido vs Dj Fame
Track: For The People
Remix by: HiJack (For The People)

PMM-009 - "KINKY EP" - June 2008
Original tracks by: Electric Soulside
Tracks: Kinky Girl (Original), Black Porsche (Original Mix),
Black Porsche (Fidget Rub Dub)
Remix by: Adam Bozzetto (Kinky Girl)

PMM-008 - "COOPER & GEORGE EP" - July 2008
Original tracks by: Andy George & Scott Cooper
Tracks: Piano Man (Original), Jump & Twist (Original)
Remix by: Klaus Hill (Piano Man)

Original tracks by: Cops & Robbers
Tracks: Maximilian, Full Throttle

PMM-006 - "SICK LIKE THAT EP" March 2008
Original tracks by: Heavy Feet
Tracks: Sick Like That
Remix: Santiago & Bushido (Sick Like That)

PMM-005 - "JACKPOT EP" February 2008
Original tracks by: HiJack
Tracks: Party People, Possessed, Shimmy
Remix: DJ Fame (Party People)

PMM-004 - "FOR WHAT EP" January 2008
Original tracks by: Santaigo & Bushido
Tracks: For What, Got That, Head Trick
Remix by: The Bulgarian (For What)

PMM-003 - "ZOMBIE DOOR EP" November 2007
Original tracks by: The Bulgarian
Tracks: The Zombie Door, Into The Groove, Listen Man
Remix by: Santiago & Bushido (The Zombie Door)

PMM-002 - "GHETTO DAYZ EP" October 2007
Original tracks by: Dj Fame
Tracks: Anutha Day In Da Ghetto,
Thats How People Get, All She Wants To Do
Remixes by: The Bulgarian (Anutha Day In Da Ghetto)

PMM-001 - "MASSIVE EP" September 2007
Original tracks by: The Crookers
Tracks: Massive, Disco Fidget, Bumble Bees
Remix by: Magik J (Massive)



Screw soap the mouth; the brand of jack that defines Chicago's new-school house sound gets
a tech-heavy makeover from the talent roster of Potty Mouth Music. Inspired by the dirty
glitch twists of fidget house producers such as Switch, Trevor Loveys and Jesse Rose,
Potty Mouth ditches conventional house boundaries, imploring turntable trickery,
unconventional loops and straight up techno into its catalogue of tracks. Chicago-based
label head James Amato keeps house-heavy influences in place and lacing them with the kind
of dirty glitch that makes it feel so good to be so bad. Potty Mouth's artists include The
Crookers (Italy), Santiago & Bushido (Chicago), HiJack (England), DJ Fame (New York), The
Bulgarian (England), HeavyFeet (UK), Cops & Robbers (Chicago), Electric Soulside
(Belgium), Andy George (UK), Scott Cooper (UK), Mightyfools (Netherlands), Adam Bozzetto
(Australia) + Many more coming soon!

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