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PostPosted: 17 May 2007 11:30    Post subject: Family Affair 6: 3 day2Night Electronic Music Festival: Ohio Reply with quote

Three days and Two Nights of Electronic Dance Music
Family Affair Six: CAMPING EVENT

For those that aren't camping, hotels are within 30 minutes in Huntington West Virginia
There is plenty of parking available on site for any RV's or buses. Festival-goers should
bring lawn chairs and blankets with them. Golf carts ARE allowed on the farm grounds
provided they are used responsibly. No weapons are allowed on the premises. No fireworks
are allowed on the premises and this will enforced. Hot Showers and Restrooms on
Premises,Food, Soft Drinks and Ice Available, Plenty of Parking, Campers bring full tanks
of water, Bring Lawn Chairs, All pets MUST be kept on a leash, 24 HOUR SECURITY, No
alcohol in stage area (Drinking age=21 years old),Festival Will Continue Rain or Shine

Eden Valley Ranch, Scottown Ohio

ticktes available online through paypal:

Boo Williams-Chicago
Underground Resistance Assault Djs: Suburban Knight & Buzz Goree: Detroit/Berlin
Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Sound System: San Francisco
Onionz: Om Records: New York
Atomic Babies: Live Performance: Brooklyn NYC
Hawke aka Gavin Hardkiss: San Francisco
Detroit Techno Militia: Detroit
Titonton Duvonte: NYC
Hesohi: Live San Francisco

Trevor Lamont: Blue Iguana Recordings : Kentucky
Lovethang Boomin System: San Francisco/Ohio
Jordan: Dimentional Transfer/UPS : California/Israel
Yabette: UPS : San Francisco
Titonton Duvante: Residual Recordings/Ele_Mental : NYC

Steel City Funk (Djs, 7up, Elysium, and Strobe)Pittsburgh,Pa
2x4 tag team with live keys
Ryury: Konkete Jungle (PA)/Bassbot.org : Pittsburgh
Featuring DJs: Aria, Mixded Light Skinded & Makku Da Kutta Tag sets by Temperal
Disturbance : :Columbus
DJ Zona: : Collective Intelligence: Arizona
Slim Kid: New Ascension/UPS/TSK : Akron
MC Infinity: New Ascension/UPS/TSK : Akron
Criminal Soundsystem : Buffalo NY
Deaner: New Ascension : Akron
Rick Allen: Lovethang : Ohio
Johnny V: Lovethang : Ohio
Vinny Bricks: Bang! : Cincinnati : vinnybricks.com
The Lady Foursquare/ The Riveter
Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts: Mad Dem Sound: Ohio
Brother Mike: Lovethang : Ohio
Downlow Communications Crew: Pittsburgh
Rob Rage : 313 Family : Multiple Eargasms : Volumbus Ohio
1Auxy: Tek Know : Akron/Cleveland
Jaems Edward: TSK : Cleveland
Conspiracy: TSK/UPS : Akron
EZ Sniper: Lionheart Records : Vermont
Adam.01 Newtype: L.A. California
Andre Leone : Deepinit Productions : Cleveland

Navigator: Fuzz Studios/Breaks-Syndicate.com : Cleveland
N:CODER : Koala-Tea.com/New Ascension/Vibe
Jay Stone: Deepinit Productions : Cleveland
DJ Vitruvius: Lethargic Records : Cleveland
DewBee: Akron
Two: TSK : Akron
Lemon Lyon : Quality : Columbus
DJ Raize
Drift: Columbus
DJ Netic: AMPM Productions: West Virgina/PA
DJ Phiction: Bottom-End Records: illeven:11records:Fever Productions
DJ Transender : B.A.D. Ass., techno.fm : Morgantown West Virginia
DJ Matt Bender: Fundamental :West Virginia
Jens Kenobi: Atlanta
DJ Twizzler: Michigan/Ohio
GQEQ: Panic Squad/Tek Know : Akron
Eric D: Atlanta : UPS
Andy James
DJ Pintsize: Kansas City
Jason Burns: TSK/New Ascension/UPS : Akron
Dark Ohm: Florida
LOWdown crew
DJ Jefferson Funk (aka DJ Paode): Dayton
DJ Grape Ape: Dayton
Eric Bliss
DJ 40OZ: Chicago
Sammy that Cat Daddy
Beat Poet : 12 Step Entertainment/Restart : Cincinatti
DJ INDO : Athens Ohio
Spinsycle -JUNGLE-
Kid Ghost
Wisdom -JUNGLE-
Mike Martian -FUNKY HOUSE-
Psynikill -HARDSTYLE-

Random(Seed): Tek Know Re(vision) : Cleveland
Truckstop Tourists
Andy James
John K
The Funk Detective
Dj Glayze : Wooster Ohio

"B.A.D. Ass. Stage" hosted by the "Broke Ass Dj Association"

The Owski ~Formally known as DJ Sedative~ (B.A.D. Ass., Soulunderground) San Francisco CA
Dezignated Pete (B.A.D. Ass., dezignatedpete.com) Seattle WA
DVS (B.A.D. Ass., Pheonix Mgmt., koala-tea.com) Pittsburgh PA
Zone (B.A.D. Ass., Breakbeat Militia) Pittsburgh PA
Evasion (B.A.D. Ass., koala-tea.com) Cleveland OH
Hooty (B.A.D. Ass., Fever) Youngstown OH
Colin Pierce (B.A.D. Ass., koala-tea.com) Pittsburgh PA
Transender (B.A.D. Ass., techno.fm) Morgantown WV
Vinny Peace (B.A.D. Ass., NPP) Cleveland OH
40oz Caualties ~Nick Fury & MC Barronzemo~ (B.A.D. Ass., Conquest) Dubois PA
Abduction (B.A.D. Ass., Fever) Youngstown OH
Dattacea (B.A.D. Ass., 40oz Casualties) Fairmont WV
DJ Dubbs (Collective Consciousness, Boys of Boston) Buffalo NY
Dez Drastik (B.A.D. Ass.) Akron OH
Nick S & Plus321 (koala-tea.com, B.A.D. Ass., NPP) Cleveland/Pittsburgh
Tika (B.A.D. Ass., kootercore.net, Goodvibes Ent.) Pittsburgh PA
Skinny White Boy (Collaborations) Cleveland OH
Eryn Evans (B.A.D. Ass., Pheonix Mgmt.) Pittsburgh PA
Sean Kramer (B.A.D. Ass., TWT) Pittsburgh PA
Adonis (B.A.D. Ass., NPP) Pittsburgh PA
Phunkphonic (B.A.D. Ass.) Pittsburgh PA
You wanna play your favorite records on a B.A.D. Ass. stage? Well u can! Woo Woo! We wanna
hear your skills, so we've made many "OPEN TURNTABLE" timeslots available on a "first
come, first serve" basis.
STAGE PROVIDED BY: Sanatana Sounds
For information on your LOCAL TICKET VENDORS please visit:
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
or call "THE LINE" 412.542.1717

East Coast Family Representing at Family Affair SIX

!!!!Skys the Limit Music/ Backyard BeatZ Arena!!!!!

Featuring some of the most talented DJ's and Live Acts from The East Coast

Andy Kapp (P.A.) Ashley (N.Y.) Big Ears (N.Y.) Bobby Skillz (N.J.) Bookum (N.H.) Brian
Dunn (Live) (N.Y.) Broken Schematics (Live) (Mass) Cast the Sky (Live) (N.Y.) Cepheus
(N.Y.) CynikaL (N.Y.) Dark1One (N.Y.) Decipher (N.Y.) DiWrecked (Mass) DL (Mass) Dupont
(C.T.) DmonyK (C.T.) Food Stamps (N.Y.) Ho Killa (N.Y.) Howhard (N.Y.) HUGE (R.I.)
Integrity (N.Y.) Jen Mas (N.Y.) John Dough (N.Y.) Kid Ghost (N.Y.) King Kaos (N.Y.)
Knowledge (C.T.) Madam Bliss (P.A.) MC Audio (N.H.) MC High IQ (P.A.) MetaphysikL (N.Y.)
Mike Martian (N.Y.) Nasty Nolan (Live 2hrs) (South America) Nicky Twist (N.J.) Nocturnal
(ME) Parallax (C.T.) Pleasurehead (N.Y.) Psynikill (N.Y.) Ritalin (N.Y.) Sneaker & the
Dryer (Mass) Soma (N.Y.) Soundstream (C.T.) Spinsycle (N.Y.) Tracatak (N.Y.) Wisdom (N.Y.)

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PostPosted: 17 May 2007 18:35    Post subject: please use the ADD EVENT forms for events! Reply with quote

please use the "ADD EVENT" forms for events.

posting it as news item or forum post won't put it in the event listings.

Event listings need the DATE in a separate field so that people can look them up by date,
city, etc so you should use "ADD EVENT".

The events listings are also the highest-traffic parts of this site and the events
listings are also syndicated by other web sites.

(there are data feeds and widgets of various sorts for people to put spraci listings on
their own web pages)

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