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PostPosted: 09 Mar 2006 18:10    Post subject: Sydney Gay Scene is soooo fucked up Reply with quote

I dunno what has happened to the gay scene in Sydney but its dominated by pretentious self
obsessed cunts. Sorry cant think of any other word for them. Dunno whether its a crystal
epidemic that has turned people nasty but its a very sad and ugly scene these days. Yes
there were always a few horrible people out there once upon a time but every time I go out
these days, which isnt very often because I just cant tolerate the nasty, bitchy, cliquey
and very shallow queens, I am shocked and appalled by the arrogance ,aggression and
coldness of what was once quite a friendly scene.
If you so much as try to spark up a conversation with someone youve never met these days
you are confronted with rudeness and a 'do I know you?' kind of attitude. Its like a lot
of them( especially the musclemary ones) think that because they have abs and pecs that
everyone who talks to them is trying to pick them up and if you dont have the cookiecutter
body like them then how dare you even utter a word to them, in fact how dare you even be
in the same room. Ive even been shouted at by one twisted queen 'What the fuck are you
looking at?'
I should say that not everyone is like this of course but the frequency of this sort of
attitude is enough to stop me going there. You know when I go out I go out to have fun
,dance , meet new people etc. When you go to a gay club if you dont take off your top ,
take heaps of drugs,adopt a 'look how gorgeous I am everybody' attitude and mince around
like youve got something stuck up your arse then your abnormal. People have got major
defenses up, maybe its a sign of the times?? I dont really care how buff someones body
is if they are ugly inside they may as well look like the elephant man, although he was
probably a lot nicer than most of the queens in Sydney.I find narcissism a most
undesirable trait.
The Tacky soulless trance/handbag that the most of the gay clubs are playing these days
is another story altogether. Last time I visited Arq in Sydney they charged over 20
dollars to get in and played top 40. The combination of bad music and bad attitude makes
for an unnappealing night out. Sadly the gay scene is its own worst enemy because the
very people it seeks to attract it rejects. It certainly aint the innovative, cutting
edge haven for artists, bohemians and the like that it used to be in the 70s and 80s. Id
rather hang out with a bunch of straight yobbos at my local, they are friendlier and more

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PostPosted: 10 May 2006 13:29    Post subject: Re: Sydney Gay Scene is soooo fucked up Reply with quote

Maybe you should come up to one of our parties, there is nothing like that here up here.
icon_biggrin.gif www.troubleinparadise.com.au

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PostPosted: 27 Apr 2007 13:46    Post subject: Re: Sydney Gay Scene is soooo fucked up Reply with quote

move to nz...

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