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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2005 18:04    Post subject: wanted: goth guys and b-movie beauties Reply with quote

Sine, i find your lack of brain cells rather funny.

like i high school student's view towards the retarded kid at his school, i don't know
whether to point and laugh at you or feel sorry for you.

the fact can you recall any point me claiming to be dark or goth, no i bet you cant and do
you know why that is?

because your a bloody newbie to this board, no doubt by now your creaming your pants in
angst teenage hormones waiting for my rant to finish so you can pull your cock abit harder
and abuse me with more mind numbing childish abuse.

Well i say "HA HA HA bring it on you diaper pissing loser"

careful not to mix up your badly fluids as you ejaculate at the chance to reply to this
post for you may wet your pants.

as my post comes to a conclusion im hoping your stating to notice the point ot my post?

by now i have a strange feeling the drool from you mouth is probly half flooded your
keyboard and your caretaker is looking for you bib,

for a less complex version of my post look at this image:


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