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PostPosted: 04 Oct 2005 12:51    Post subject: Re: A Poem Reply with quote

Shut the fuck up sexypartygirl your a fucking moron that should have been killed at

The problem with you is you're a fucking try hard loser that really bugs me. If you
managed to have been born with maybe one or two brain cells more than you currently show I
would probly have managed to hold a semi-polite convo with you. Your happy and perky spin
of everything makes me think of ripping your guts out with an A4 piece of paper...
honestly unless you're going to say something that's actually has something to do with
what we are talking about or even something that's semi-interesting. Keep you mainstream
lil pie hole shut. You act and seem like a complete shallow little perky mainstream piece
of gutter trash that is only going through an odd phase in you young teenage life. Here is
a question... do you ever say anything that ISNT about yourself you self obsessed trashy

so the world a favor and go stick pour petrol into your "special place" and set it on
fire... hopefully then that is at least a starting attempt to redeem yourself to all of
human kind by the fact the knowledge in knowing you wont be able to spawn more filth upon
this filthy world...

but the sad reality is EVERY DAY I run into someone just like you online and about a month
or so later they are either "punk" or "emo" some even somehow manage to go back to being
"preppy" and brag to their friends about oh how so much "Goth" they were

*takes a deep breath* now that i ahve stated those facts... im going to go get my mornin
coffee for today...

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